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Kristen Bell and Craig Ferguson Have a Relaxing Fireside Chat

The final episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is just around the corner, but for now just enjoy this relaxing clip of Ferguson and tonight's pregnant guest Kristen Bell hanging out in front of an artificial fireplace with a big [...]

By Megh Wright

Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Convince Craig Ferguson to Stay on Late Night

It's unfortunate that CBS only uploaded a minute and a half of Craig Ferguson's fantastic interview with Jimmy Kimmel from Friday, because it's loaded with some great insight on what both late night hosts have learned from their jobs as well as [...]

By Megh Wright

Craig Ferguson’s Final ‘Late Late Show’ Guest Is Jay Leno

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson has officially added its final guest for its farewell episode on December 19th. According to THR, Jay Leno is set as Ferguson guest on the final show, while some of Late Late Show's most frequently [...]

By Megh Wright

Craig Ferguson Has a New Talk Show Gig Lined Up

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson might be leaving late night this December, but that doesn't mean he'll be leaving the talk show circuit too. Variety reports that the CBS host is currently in final negotiations to host a daily syndicated [...]

By Megh Wright

Tig Notaro Paid Craig Ferguson a Visit Last Night

Tig Notaro was a guest on last night's Late Late Show, where she had a chat with her fellow comedy Grammy nominee Craig Ferguson about her famous 2012 Largo standup set, her plan to sweep this year's Grammys, and Paula Poundstone's ping pong [...]

By Megh Wright

Watch Andi Osho Make Her US TV Debut on Ferguson

Andi Osho, a rising star in the British standup scene, made her US TV debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday. She's also appearing in the upcoming web series Breaking Hollywood, about a British comedian trying to make it in [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Marc Maron Was on Both Letterman and Ferguson Last Night, Somehow

Marc Maron pulled off a rare feat in late night last night: he appeared on a guest on both of CBS's late night shows, with both David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. This despite the shows taping on opposite coasts. He explained to Ferguson that [...]

By Adam Frucci

Does Doing Standup on a Late Night Show Still Matter?

Late night shows have always been more than just variety programs. There were cultural touchstones, broad shared places for topical comedy and entertainment, and they served as key launching pads for several generations of comedians. A few [...]

By Elise Czajkowski

Craig Ferguson Is Back with a New Stage

Time-lapses are the best lapses, better than lapses of judgment and lapse around a track (sorry). Ferguson had long complained about his old, small studio, which, if you remember, recently lost power in the middle of a show. Best thing about [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ray Romano Always Puts Comedy Before Parenting

Don't be coy with me, Craig. What was that code word? It's good to see that 1) Ray still closely resembles the character of Ray that everybody presumably loves and 2) Ray is just always doing bits, regardless of parental obligations. Keep on [...]

By Jesse David Fox