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Listening to the DVD Commentary for The Office, ‘Business School’

Columentary (title sadly not pending) is a weekly feature, in which I’ll listen to the commentary track of a sitcom, and divulge, through pretty pictures and less pretty words, the behind-the-scenes secrets the creators, writers, and cast [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Paul Lieberstein Has Even More Office Details to Spill

The Office hints and spoilers are just racking up. The latest is this interview with Paul Lieberstein, who says that the "rotating center" of focus during this season may not last, what with the departure of Robert California and Nellie [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Goodbye, Robert California

We loved you dearly, Robert California. Or, we loved you dearly in last season's finale and then we slowly grew to be a little confused by your character throughout this season? Either way, James Spader will be leaving The Office at the end of [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Office Recap: Tallanasty

“If anyone is going to have sex with Nellie for personal gain, it’s going to be me.”

By Michael Tedder

What You Need to Know About Catherine Tate Before Tonight’s Office

Catherine Tate's returning to The Office tonight as Nellie Bertram, who'll have a "far from professional" relationship with Robert California. Tate herself isn't exactly forthcoming about her favorite sketches from The Catherine Tate Show, her [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Office (UK) vs. Community and Cheers vs. Mary Tyler Moore

The Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is pitting 32 of the greatest episodes of funny TV shows ever produced against each other in a single-elimination winner-takes-all (well, takes-nothing) competition. Every day, we're putting up episodes [...]

By Adam Frucci

30 Rock Sheds Its Ratings Curse, Passes It On to The Office

For once, 30 Rock's ratings weren't a new series low, but were up three tenths of a point for the hourlong special. Of course, The Office was down three tenths, and Up All Night stayed the same. So at least NBC Thursday's net loss from last [...]

By Hallie Cantor