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The Office of No Office

How, in this economy, is a small regional paper company continuing to survive? It may not.

By Will Leitch

The Office: Horribilis Interruptus

We could watch a full half-hour of Michael horrifying young children, but, alas, the haunted-house story line is dropped.

By Will Leitch

The Office: Mob Scene

If this is what 'The Office' devolves into with Pam and Jim gone, then get them back already.

By Will Leitch

The Office: Twofer

"Where would Catholicism be without the Popes?"

By Will Leitch

The Office: Victory Comes at a Cost!

After last week’s triumph for Michael over corporate efficiency and Stringer Bell, the real world awaits him upon his return to Dunder Mifflin.

By Will Leitch