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Steve Carell’s Three-Foot-Tall ‘World’s Best Boss’ Cake

For Steve Carell's last day of shooting on The Office, the folks at NBC were nice enough to send over an absolutely gigantic cake in the shape of his "World's Best Boss" mug. What, they were too cheap to spring for a life-sized cake of Carell [...]

By Adam Frucci

Today is Steve Carell’s Last Day Shooting The Office

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By Adam Frucci

The Office Recap: ‘Todd Packer’

“You’ve been an outdoor cat, and now you gotta be an indoor cat, and you can’t be peeing all over the walls.”

By Megh Wright

NBC to Run a Thursday Night of Six Back-to-Back Office Reruns

Just in case you weren't convinced that The Office is the most valuable jewel in NBC's crown, here's what they're doing on March 3rd, the first Thursday after sweeps February: running six straight Office reruns. No reruns of any other Thursday [...]

By Adam Frucci

Let’s Talk About Steve Carell’s Office Replacement

We're going to find out who's going to be the new lead on The Office relatively soon, within a couple of months. But there's still no solid leads as to what we can expect. Will they keep it within the office, promoting Andy, Dwight or Darryl to [...]

By Adam Frucci

The Office Recap: ‘PDA’

"I don't sit on your lap because it's comfortable, it's because I like the way your thighs feel on my butt."

By Megh Wright

Could Will Arnett Join the Cast of The Office?

Here's an interesting tidbit from Ricky Gervais' blog: "Had a little meeting with NBC about various things and recommended Will Arnett for a regular in The Office. Thoughts? I think he's amazing." [via]

By Adam Frucci

The Office Recap: Lost and Found

Ryan and Kelly — they’re not on this show nearly enough, which is probably why they’re among the only characters to succeed in every scene.

By Phoebe Reilly

The Office Looking to Hire Some New Dunder-Mifflin Employees

Some hints at what to expect on next season's Carell-free version of The Office, via a couple of casting notices: "One role is for a woman described as 'Scranton hot.' She’s hired as an assistant to the office manager... The second role is for [...]

By Adam Frucci

NBC’s Thursday Night Ratings Hang On For Dear Life

It's kind of weird that tracking NBC's Thursday night ratings feels like checking the lifeline of good comedy on TV, right? Like, if Parks and Rec and Community suddenly tank and get cancelled, it would really be a terrible sign for great, [...]

By Adam Frucci