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Edelstein Remembers Miramax

"Your recent films 'The Queen' and 'Diving Bell' were the best of their respective years, and you never made anything as grisly as 'Nine.'

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on 2012

"'2012' rides in on and reinforces an especially idiotic wave of evangelical doomsday predictions with supposed roots in the Mayan calendar, and it’s too trivial to live."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on This Is It

"It's vivid, illuminating, and sometimes — more often than you’d think possible — inspiring."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on Antichrist

"It turns out what they say about Willem Dafoe is true: The man has a schlong the size of an oil tanker."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on Polanski

"Now, there will be a lot of grandstanding by idiots, who will say that Polanski is worse than the likes of Peter Braunstein and should be thrown in prison for the remainder of his life."

Edelstein on Moore

"It's sprawling, scattershot, sniggery, and, in one instance, exploitative. It's brazenly one-sided. But ..."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on Swayze

"In 'Dirty Dancing,' Swayze combined brawny physicality and feline grace in a way that made millions of women (and a lot of men) weak in the knees."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on Ignoring Critics

David Edelstein, too, is disappointed 'Final Destination 3-D' and 'Halloween II' won't be screened for critics.

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on Hughes

"Of all the big, commercially successful American auteurs, he has always seemed to me the most mysterious, the most conflicted, the most unfulfilled."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein Unabridged

You've read David Edelstein's reviews of 'Harry Potter 6' and '(500) Days of Summer' — but have you read them with footnotes?

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on David Carradine

David Carradine didn’t seem given to advance planning, career calculation, or control. He was the anti–Tom Cruise.

By Mark Graham

Downey’s Douchiness Reconsidered

"It's easier to see why Robert Downey Jr. bristled when asked what his character in 'Tropic Thunder' would say about Jamie Foxx’s performance as the brilliant cellist Nathaniel Ayers."

By Lane Brown

Edelstein on The Human Condition

'Yes, it’s worth it, but more for the experience — for the commitment itself — than because Kobayashi’s humanism will rock your world.'

By Lane Brown