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Considering ‘The Simpsons Movie’ Ten Years Later

When I first heard that there was finally going to be a Simpsons movie in 2006, I approached it with cautious optimism. On one hand, my favorite show of all time hitting the big screen had long been a dream of mine, but on the other, it was [...]

By John Hugar

Movie Trailers Give More and More Plot Away

The 'Morning Glory' ad tells you the entire plot, and James L. Brooks relates how his 'Simpsons Movie' experience showed him that telling all is the new Hollywood order.

By Claude Brodesser-Akner

Fourteen Springfields Vie for Hollywood Lucre

Fourteen towns of Springfield are competing to be named the "real-life Springfield," each presenting a homemade short video in an effort to sell its town as the perfect place for a Simpsons movie premiere. We watched them all, from the totally amateurish to the slightly less amateurish, and can firmly state that a lot of Middle American town managers really, really like The Simpsons. Which of the shorts is worth your time? Who should win your vote?