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The Upside to Tim Allen’s Manly-Man Brand of Comedy

When I have a tool in my hand, like a screwdriver, let’s say, or a power drill, I become riddled with anxiety and begin to sweat profusely. A tool offers less in the way of helping me fix things than it does a brand new opportunity to fail at [...]

By Justin Gray

Tim Allen Is Your One Friend’s Angry Dad In Last Man Standing

Tim Allen returned on Tuesday as America's every-man in Last Man Standing, but as Linda Holmes of NPR's Monkey See points, Allen's character on Standing is more like that dad who rants about gay marriage when you're all trying to watch the [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Lost Roles of Chevy Chase

Say what you will about the quality of Chevy Chase's movies, but you have to admit his influence on modern American comedy is vast. As Saturday Night Live's first breakout star, he was largely responsible for the show becoming a surprise hit, [...]

By Bradford Evans

ABC Announces New Fall Comedies: It’s Tool Time All Over Again!

The ABC fall schedule is out, and it looks like I vastly underestimated the reach and influence of Binford Tool, seeing as how Tim Allen's Last Man Standing will ground a new Tuesday night comedy block at 8:00pm. Let Al rejoice and be glad!

By Halle Kiefer

Tim Allen and His Manliness Is Coming Back to ABC

Tim Allen just signed on for a new multi-cam pilot for ABC called The Last Days of Man. Where's Jonathan Taylor-Thomas these days? Is he available? Anyways, here's the logline: "Even though the world around him has declared the traditional male [...]

By Adam Frucci