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Larry David Seems Pretty OK with Paparazzi’s Dumb Rap

Apparently, TMZ keeps the same standards for rapping as they do for journalism. Though, he did accurately foretell that Larry David was going to stand on top of a cop car and get tazed for his birthday. David is a VERY good sport. He even makes [...]

By Jesse David Fox

TMZ Harasses Pete Holmes on the Street (For Some Reason?)

Comedian/hell-of-a-guy Pete Holmes does the voice of the E*Trade baby. TMZ apparently thinks this is a thing the average TMZ on TV viewer cares about (Sidenote: Can you imagine anything worse than being described as an "average TMZ on TV [...]

By Jesse David Fox

TMZ Breaks a Twenty-Year-Old Simpsons ‘Bombshell’

What is it with The Simpsons and Internet stupidity? It never ends. In February, Twitter assigned Bart Simpson a birthday. The show has been scolded for not teaching enough about climate change (because all TV comedies are supposed to do that, [...]

By Denise Du Vernay

Here’s What Conan’s New Set Looks Like

Curious as to what the new Conan set looks like but don't want to wait another 7 hours? TMZ has a pic from the audience. Looks...talk showy.

By Adam Frucci

Always-Classy TMZ Tricks Charlyne Yi In Order to Trash Oxfam

TMZ is a scummy, scummy tabloid organization, but this goes beyond even what I thought they were capable of. Apparently, they approached Charlyne Yi and asked if she would participate in a video to help support the global charity Oxfam. She [...]

By Adam Frucci