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Texas Animator One-Ups Michael Bay

No doubt Michael Bay's gargantuan flick Transformers will move all sorts of merchandise off the shelves, but we’d like to draw your attention to a significantly shorter, significantly lower-budgeted film that does a much, much better job of selling the toys in question.


When Dylan Tried to Be a Movie Star

The recent griping among disgruntled Bob Dylan fans over Columbia's plans to let fans vote on the songs to be included on an upcoming Dylan best-of compilation has one silver lining. (Other than comments on Dylan message boards that sound eerily like Dylan lyrics, such as "If this is the stick, who's the dead horse?") It's encouraged otherwise all-forgiving Dylan fans to remember their hero's other ill-advised commercial moves, like 1987's Joe Eszterhas–rewritten movie flop Hearts of Fire. Thankfully, remembering our heroes' foolish pasts is what YouTube is for.


Frank Langella's Lost Movie, or What a Difference a Tony Makes

2004: Frank Langella is coming off a tough stretch in his career. His most prominent role in the past few years is as Aertes in an NBC miniseries of Jason and the Argonauts; his performance as "Voice of the Dragon" was just cut out of Red Dragon. Langella shoots an independent comedy called Breaking the Fifth