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Tay Zonday, Under the Covers

In less time than it used to take to download the Hampster Dance on a dial-up modem, Tay Zonday's musical epic "Chocolate Rain" has spawned thousands of cover versions, reimaginings, and recontextualizations.

CBGB Founder Hilly Kristal Dies at 75

His legendary venue helped launch the careers of punk luminaries like Ramones, Blondie, Television, and Talking Heads, though in later years it became just as famous for the unsanitary conditions of its bathrooms.

‘Crossfire’ With Ted Nugent

Progressive musician Ted Nugent took time out of a recent concert to talk politics with an equally forward-thinking audience.

Max Roach Dies at 83

Bebop drummer and jazz legend Max Roach died today of unspecified causes at the age of 83.

Video: The Scene at Last Night's Madonnathon

Last night, in honor of Madge's 49th birthday, hundreds of her craziest fans converged on B.B. King Blues Club to enjoy semi-reverent live performances of her greatest hits by amateurs of various genders, both talented and non.

Guns N' Roses Handily Outdone by Guy on YouTube

In what is easily the second-most-impressive hand-related YouTube music video we've seen all summer a manualist plays "Sweet Child o' Mine" using only his palms and fingers.

Björk Makes the Case for Outsourcing

If you'd had told us that the best Björk video in years would be made by a nonprofessional filmmaker without any input from the increasingly obtuse Icelander herself, well, we'd definitely have believed you.