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The Mindy Project Recap: Put Them Away

The kind of commentary I love most from The Mindy Project: a succinct critique of modern women’s fate in a one-joke line.

By Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

The Affair Recap: A Storm Is Coming

Helen’s chapter is a heartbreaking look at the loneliness city-dwelling women experience in the wake of romantic upheaval. 

By Angelica Jade Bastién

The Leftovers Recap: Meet the Murphys

Miracle is a place where strangers will leave homemade apple pies on your doorstep, but you might not want to eat them. At least, not if you’re John Murphy.

By Kelly Braffet

Black-ish Recap: The Johnson Gun Debate

Gun ownership and safety was the larger thread this week, but it was really just a way to examine the many ways to protect loved ones.

By Nichole Perkins