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NBC and Fox Unveil New Fall Schedules

TV networks are announcing their Fall 2013 lineups all week, and NBC and Fox are the first to reveal their next season's schedules. Of note comedy-wise is that NBC is only airing comedies on Thursday nights this fall, abandoning the Tuesday [...]

By Bradford Evans

Mindy Kaling Diaries Her Upfronts Week

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an already very successful comedian, who has the most buzzed about sitcom pilot but still has to sweat it out, waiting to hear if it gets picked up? You have? Great, because Vulture had Mindy Kaling [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ummm, So, CBS Announces Their Fall Schedule

Not to be all like, "CBS's schedule – woof," but CBS's schedule – woof.  The "big news" is they moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights at 8:30 so you better start figuring out if you're going to watch it or Up All Night. Oh, you're just [...]

By Jesse David Fox