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Very Mary Kate Is Back and Texting Faster Than Ever

We knew she would come back to us! Well, we knew since last week. Very Mary Kate has returned, along with Fat Professor, Jewish-Looking Girl and Bodyguard's disembodiguarded voice. It's so good to see/hear them all again! If you have comments [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Very Mary Kate Will Make a Triumphant and Fat-Free Return on Dec. 1

Elaine Carroll's amazing web series Very Mary-Kate is coming back for a third season. New episodes will appear magically on CollegeHumor starting Dec. 1. Rejoice! Or maybe just take like a suuuuper quick nap till then, 'cause you should [...]

By Hallie Cantor

This Week’s Web Series You Need to Watch: Very Mary-Kate

Most celebrity impersonations are to comedy audiences what in-flight meals are to airline passengers, bland and predictable, yet almost satiating in their familiarity. What you’re consuming isn’t outstanding, but it’s known and, therefore [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

Very Mary-Kate Keeps Getting Better

Elaine Carroll's Very Mary Kate web series, in which she plays both of the Olsen twins as they navigate life as former child stars and current multi-gajillionaires, is amazing. And despite pumping out two episodes a week for CollegeHumor these [...]

By Adam Frucci

Very Mary Kate Returns With a Full Series on CollegeHumor

Elaine Carroll's wonderful Very Mary Kate web series, in which she plays one half of the Olsen twins and sometimes both halves, is back after a four month hiatus. Even better? It's moved to CollegeHumor, where it's kicking off a four-month, [...]

By Adam Frucci