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Filmmaker Sky Hirschkron's Three-Way Phone Call

Don’t be put off initially by the austere, quiet nature of Sky Hirschkron’s You Called Me, an endearingly sad little film about a young Japanese man bouncing between two girls over the course of a day.

Stop-Motion Animation Explained by Doomed Lego Guy

We were shocked recently to discover that a couple of our readers didn't quite understand just how stop-motion animation worked. So, we unearthed this little gem, which was created last year by Canadian high schooler Joel Plosz for a science-fair project.

Filmmaker Faisal Qureshi's Torturous Job Interview

British director Faisal Qureshi’s five-minute short The Applicant starts off as an unsettling look at an awkward job application, but before fade-out it turns into something else — something way more disturbing.

Filmmaker Amy Talkington's Human-Snake Love Triangle

In Amy Talkington's touching and playful 1998 short Second Skin a mopey pet-store employee (Glenn Fitzgerald, currently Brian Darling on Dirty Sexy Money) doesn't quite know what to do when a lovely, rebellious girl (Aleksa Palladino, who can also be seen in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) comes into his shop and purchases the python he's been doting over.