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How Scott Rogowsky Carved Out His Own Corner in Late Night Comedy

Scott Rogowsky longs for a bygone era of comedy, when scouts for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show (or Carson himself) would turn up at comedy clubs in search of the next great comedian, launching the careers of comics that included Jerry Seinfeld, [...]

By Ian Goldstein

Celebrate 4/20 with a New Episode of ‘Hack Into Broad City’

Season 4 of Broad City is still a few months away, but Comedy Central released a new installment of Hack Into Broad City featuring Abbi and Ilana celebrating 4/20 in true stoner fashion. The episode might be short, but it's got enough Broad [...]

By Megh Wright

‘Lasagna Cat’ Is Back with a Bunch of New Videos Today

Earlier this month, the guys behind Lasagna Cat teased -- in the form of a telephone sex survey -- that they had new videos in the works, and now that the sex survey is complete, today they followed through in the form of 13 new videos uploaded [...]

By Megh Wright

‘Lasagna Cat’ Returns to the Internet After Nine Years Away

If you miss the old Lasagna Cat YouTube shorts, today is your lucky day, because after a nine-year absence, this week Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max AKA Fatal Farm uploaded a brand new video called "1 (800) 591-3274" teasing Lasagna Cat's [...]

By Megh Wright

Go on ‘The Honeymoon Tour’ with Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero

Earlier this year, standups and newly married couple Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher announced their Honeymoon Tour, and in case you missed it, Comedy Central recently released an eight-episode web series that follows them on the road as they [...]

By Megh Wright

Arthur Meyer’s ‘Subway Idiot’ Is Back Just in Time for Halloween

Halloween weekend has begun in New York City, which means the subway is about to get packed with tons of drunk people wearing their Ken Bone costumes. Thankfully, Tonight Show writer Arthur Meyer's lovable NYC weirdo "Subway Idiot" has returned [...]

By Megh Wright

Mario Batali Cooks a Very Fancy Meal for Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett

Mario Batali recently teamed up with Vice's food channel Munchies to host a web series called Moltissimo, and in the second episode he welcomes SNL's Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett to enjoy a very special meal he invented just for them: Anatra in [...]

By Megh Wright