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No ‘Weeds’ Recap Today

Sadly, there will be no Weeds post today — our recapper got stoned and missed last night's episode. Sorry guys!

‘Weeds’: Nancy Gets a Tattoo

With just two weeks to go till the season finale, this was a smashing week for Weeds — every scene was jam-packed with character craziness coming to fruition.

‘Weeds’: We Are Dirty, Bad Little Viewers

Last night's episode left us feeling like dirty, no-good little voyeurs who don't deserve Mary-Louise Parker or a TV show that, in its second-to-last episode of the season, suddenly went from good to kind of great.

‘Weeds’: Nancy Does a Drive-By

Instead of getting all tangled up in the disappointing ludicrousness that Weeds has been spiraling into these past couple of weeks, let's focus on a few delightful and hope-giving moments.

‘Weeds’: A River Runs Through It

Just when we thought the fictional town of Agrestic was a convenient metaphor for all of consumerist California, they go and turn it into the state's rear end.

‘Weeds’: Catfight!

Some nasty, legitimately disturbing stuff went down in Agrestic last night.

Is ‘Weeds’ High on Its Own Supply?

"Silas, where is the 'dry cleaning'? I need every last bag of clothing or my boss is going to kill me. Just shoot me dead. You got that? Dead."

New ‘Weeds’ Episodes Leak: Fans Light Up

Over the past few days, yet-to-be-aired pilots for new shows, along with forthcoming episodes of Weeds and Brotherhood, found their way onto illicit file-sharing Websites.