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Two Weird Videos You Should Watch Today

Sometimes there are days in the This Week in Web Videos column where we profile not one but two projects we feel you, our audience, should be aware of. Today is one of those days. We bring for your consideration and (we hope) enjoyment two [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

How to Go Head-to-Head with Fred Armisen

Ana Lucia Fabrega can match Fred Armisen's infectiously low, deadpan energy. Very few people can do that and not seem like they're trying really hard to be Fred Armisen. In a relentless premise that's so perfectly tailored for Armisen's special [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne

This Video Will Bring Laughter (and Cause Nervous Breakdowns)

Pursuing a career in comedy is synonymous with being on the verge of a mammoth psychological implosion, at all times. Self-doubt dots every "i" in the comedian's notebook, and hopelessness crosses every "t." We're good at pretending because, if [...]

By Luke Kelly Clyne