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Wall Street 2 Money Never Sleeps

  1. sex and the city for bankers
    Those Looking for a Refund on Wall Street 2 Tickets Need Look No Further Than Jim ChanosHedge fund manager practically wrote the thing.
  2. money never sleeps (except for at bank of america)
    Analysts Analyze Wall Street 2: ‘No One Wears Pocket Squares’Also, the amount of time Jake spends in the office is way off — by Goldman standards, anyway.
  3. the industry
    Your Box Office Explained: Gekko Eats OwlsA good weekend for Serious Movies For Grown Ups.
  4. white men with money
    If You Want to Terrify Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein, All You Have to Do Is Invoke This NameAnd no, it’s not Elizabeth Warren.
  5. insider trading cards
    Wall Street 2 Cheat Sheet: Know Your Financial CameosInside information you can pass on.
  6. chat room
    Josh Brolin on Wall Street 2 and Woody Allen’s Diet Tips“These celebrities who are like, ‘Why can’t we just go out and have dinner?! Please leave us alone.’ Well, don’t go to fucking Spago!”
  7. party lines
    Shia LaBeouf at Wall Street: Money Never SleepsPlus: Anthony Mackie, Sela Ward, Frank Langella …
  8. party chat
    This Is What Happens When You Try to Edit Oliver Stone“I wrote ‘Scarface’.”
  9. sex and the city for bankers
    Wall Street 2 Villain Modeled on Bob RubinWith a touch of Lloyd and Jamie thrown in.
  10. trumped!
    Donald Trump Cut From Wall Street 2Director deems hair-related appearance “too distracting.”
  11. Costume Designer: Wall Street Wardrobe ‘Not 100 Percent Rooted in Reality’“It’s a movie. We’re telling a story in a movie.”
  12. cannes 2010
    Cannes Day 3 Photos: Wall Street 2 Red CarpetMore red-carpet photos from Cannes.
  13. cannes 2010
    Wall Street: A Merry Attack on the Banking IndustryWe’ve seen the movie, and it’s a doozy.
  14. cannes 2010
    Cannes Roundup: Mixed Reviews for Wall Street 2, Crappy Tweets for Nakata’s ChatroomAre you ready for this year’s ‘Che’?
  15. cannes 2010
    Oliver Stone on the Cannes Premiere of Wall Street 2Also: Congrats to him for giving Michael Douglas his first poor-person role!
  16. cannes 2010
    Four Questions That Will Define Cannes DealmakingA shaky economy makes for an unpredictable film market.
  17. wild human beings
    Turns Out You Shouldn’t Take Stock Advice From Shia LaBeoufHis favorite stock fell $9 per share yesterday.
  18. the industry
    Oliver Stone Explains the Wall Street 2 DelayLewis thinks the movie wasn’t ready in time, a theory at which Stone scoffs. Scoffs!
  19. delays
    Wall Street 2 BumpedYou’ll have to wait till September now.
  20. trailer mix
    New Wall Street 2 Trailer: More Motorcycles!Watch out for that log in the middle of the road, Shia!
  21. trailer mix
    Wall Street 2 Teaser: LaBeouf Rides AgainWhy does Hollywood keep putting Shia LaBeouf on motorcycles?
  22. money never sleeps
    Settle Down, Bud Fox FansCharlie Sheen will have a small cameo in ‘Wall Street 2.’ A very small one.
  23. the industry
    The Beatles to Be Discovered All Over AgainPlus: Pete Townshend! Susan Sarandon! Memphis Bleek!
  24. the industry
    Frank Langella to Teach Shia LaBeouf a Thing or TwoPlus: Hilary Duff goes undercover.
  25. casting couch
    Josh Brolin Could Replace Javier Bardem in Wall Street 2Negotiations with Bardem apparently fell apart.
  26. gossipmonger
    Angelina Jolie Is the Most Important Celebrity in the WorldTake that, Oprah. Plus, ‘Laguna Beach’ star Kristin Cavallari is attacked by models, and more, in our daily gossip roundup.
  27. sequels
    Wall Street 2: Gekko Goes LimpOur anticipation level for this project was already low, but after reading the synopsis for this film, now it’s on life support.
  28. quote machine
    Christian Bale Is Pretty Sure He Could Take Arnold SchwarzeneggerPlus: Michael Douglas relishes playing the villain.
  29. Shia LaBeouf to Reaffirm Status As Only Young Actor in Hollywood With Role in Wall Street 2Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay seem unable to name more than one twentysomething actor between them, so we’re not sure why we expected any better from Oliver Stone.