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  1. Wall Street Journal Columnist Discovers Trump Defense to End All Trump DefensesThe most sweeping justification for Trump anybody has ever made or ever will make.
  2. Wall Street Journal Killed Editorial on Trump’s Mob TiesSo that’s why five staffers departed.
  3. Wall Street Journal Column Compares Children to DogsIs there a word for when your parody of the other side winds up parodying your own side?
  4. Republicans Angry at Economists for Finding Their Tax Cuts Go to the RichWhy do the numbers keep showing that the GOP gives big tax cuts to the rich? Must be bias.
  5. Wall Street Journal Can’t Think of Reason Trump Is Hiding His Russia Connections“If there really is nothing to the Russia collusion allegations,” the editorial posits, “transparency will prove it.” But, uh, what if not?
  6. Saying True Facts About Trumpcare Is ‘Dishonest,’ Complains Wall Street Journal“[T]he Senate health-care bill boils down to ‘benefit cuts for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.’” Heavens!
  7. Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Feels the BernFor whatever reason, they really like Sanders’s odds.
  8. Never a Need to Reduce Emissions at WSJArguments against green energy reverse completely, but the conclusions stay exactly the same.
  9. Iran-Deal Opponents Don’t Know What It Does, Don’t CareThe TL;DR conservative take on the Iran deal is that it’s TL;DR.
  10. Columnist: Obama Said Government ‘Never Worked’Is Daniel Henninger accurately describing Obama’s comments? You get one guess.
  11. Bernanke Stops Being Polite, Starts Getting RealBen Bernanke drops truthbomb on Wall Street Journal editorial page, no survivors.
  12. WSJ Picks Terrible Day to Call for BushonomicsJobs day was right there on the calendar.
  13. Wall Street Journal Editors Wish Obama Were More Cynically PartisanThat low-down, politics-ignoring cad.
  14. Wall Street Journal: Okay, Obama Isn’t Hitler, But He’s Pretty Hitler-yGodwin help us.
  15. Fear of a Female Fed ChiefThe only thing worse than rampant Obama inflation is rampant feminazi Obama inflation.
  16. The Climate-Change Wars Begin This SummerThe big partisan fight of the summer will not be over scandals.
  17. Give Back that Pulitzer, Wall Street Journal Editorial PageA long, loud screaming campaign against Obamacare ends in a quiet “whoops.”
  18. Scare Quotes Continue to Plague Journal Editorial WritersTo a normal English speaker, this formulation would signify that Henninger disputes the existence of a Democratic base.