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  1. the kavanaugh hearings
    In Op-ed, Kavanaugh Assures Skeptics That He Will Say Whatever They Want to HearThe Supreme Court nominee’s Wall Street Journal op-ed is not an expression of newfound contrition, but one of unwavering opportunism.
  2. It’s Hard to Imagine an Endorsement More Useless Than the One Crowley Just GotWhether Crowley wants to back Ocasio-Cortez or challenge her in November, he couldn’t be happy with Joe Lieberman’s support for a third-party bid.
  3. WSJ Editorial Board Member: Arm Teachers With Stun GrenadesReading, writing, and action-hero reflexes.
  4. Trump’s Corporate Tax Cuts Won’t Spur CEOs to Invest, Say Group of CEOsThe public doesn’t like big corporate tax cuts. And at least one group of CEOs didn’t validate the White House’s arguments for them.
  5. The Best Quotes From Trump’s Embarrassing Unpublished WSJ InterviewThe newspaper didn’t release the full transcript of this curious conversation with Trump, so Politico did.
  6. bad opinions
    Pamela Anderson Pens an Op-Ed Against Porn“We must educate ourselves and our children to understand that porn is for losers.”
  7. WSJ Staff Told to Be ‘Fair’ to Lying DemagogueWhat is the “fair” way for a journalist to treat a politician who displays an open contempt for the truth?
  8. Donald Trump’s Whining About Delegate Rules Is Now Available in Op-ed FormThe GOP front-runner’s new Wall Street Journal op-ed is whiny, mendacious, and probably effective.
  9. gap
    Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal Aim to Close Pay Gap This after a report showing women at the company made 86.8 percent as much as their male colleagues.
  10. Wall Street Journal Puffs Trump Op In an indirect love note to Trump just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Journal treats Corey Lewandowski to a write-up showing the sunny side of ruthlessness.
  11. Body of Missing WSJ Reporter Found in New Jersey RiverHe went for a walk in January 2014 and never came back.
  12. teach them well and let them lead the way
    Kendall Jenner Reflects on Her Well-Spent Youth for WSJShe is now a Wall Street Journal columnist.
  13. the thigh's the limit
    Men’s Shorts Are Getting Dangerously Short, Warns WSJLike, Larry Bird short.
  14. dealz
    Japanese Company May Soon Own J.CrewThe same one that owns Uniqlo.
  15. WSJ’s Ted Mann Moving on When Christie Lets HimTed Mann is leaving the transportation beat on a high note.
  16. R.I.P. Awkwardly Low-Hanging Wall Street Journal ChandelierThe gaudy touch is being removed.
  17. The New York Times Has Found Its Next David PogueHis name is Farhad Manjoo.
  18. Missing WSJ Reporter Left Meds and Phone Behind [Update]Here’s hoping they find him safe.
  19. Suzanne Somers Pens Strong Wall Street Journal Critique of ObamacareNot surprisingly, it rests on a hilarious misunderstanding.
  20. Rupert Murdoch Celebrated New News Corp.’s First Day in StyleHe even took out an ad in the New York ‘Times.’
  21. The Wall Street Journal Didn’t Mean to Get You So DrunkCorrection of the day.
  22. Anti-Bike Crusader Dorothy Rabinowitz Will Not Be SilencedShe’s back.
  23. Bill Cunningham, Dorothy Rabinowitz on Citi BikeWatch their very different takes.
  24. Wall Street Journal to Reporters: Wear MakeupYou want the spotlight focused on your stellar journalism —not shining off your forehead.”
  25. Report: Denying Men Sex Is Like Child NeglectSays The Wall Street Journal.
  26. Did WSJ Reporters Bribe Chinese Officials?The paper revealed that it was being investigated by the Justice Department.
  27. The Wall Street Journal Can Be Fun, Fast, and Sexy, TooFun brites!
  28. The Wall Street Journal Has BedbugsThe News Corp. building is on notice.
  29. Times, Journal Dropping Paywall for ElectionBoth newspapers will allow free access to their websites and mobile apps.
  30. Rupert Murdoch’s Newspaper Reports That Rupert Murdoch Wants Another NewspaperThe Los Angeles Times rumors are alive and well and coming from inside the building.
  31. Jack Welch Takes Unemployment Conspiracy Theory to the WSJ Op-Ed PageJust as he’d do in Soviet Russia.
  32. WSJ Debuts ‘Mansion’ With Shakespeare QuoteLove, huge houses — what’s the difference?
  33. ins and outs
    So, Who Will Replace Deborah Needleman at WSJ.?A list of possibilities.
  34. Rants
    The Wall Street Journal Skims L.A.’s SurfaceThe paper makes a few irrelevant picks while “finding a food Mecca in the West.”
  35. WSJ Deletes Jonah Lehrer ArticlesAnother publication makes his compromised work disappear.
  36. Pizza! Pizza!
    Farina Pizza Gets Some Journal Love
  37. ink-stained wretches
    Wall Street Journal Fires Intern for Making Up SourcesJournalistic screw-ups are hot so far this summer.
  38. Ex-WSJ Reporter Dealing With E-mail ScandalThe wife of Iraq ambassador nominee Brett McGurk is having a rough time.
  39. WSJ Reporter Resigns Over Dirty Iraq E-mailsGina Chon is out, while her now-husband Brett McGurk’s fate is up in the air.
  40. Sexy E-mails Threaten Iraq Ambassador NominationJuicy!
  41. Report: Dimon ‘Couldn’t Breathe’ When He Saw JPMorgan LossesThe report also says the losses could total as much as $5 billion.
  42. Pizza! Pizza!
    Mozzeria Gets Some Journal Love
  43. Rick Santorum Calls Obama’s Abortion Views ‘Radical and Extreme’On the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Santorum has an op-ed in a national newspaper.
  44. Daily News Beating Post in Tabloid WarGood thing Rupert Murdoch owns two local papers.
  45. News Corp. Allegedly Fired a Whistle-blower, Now Promises to Protect Whistle-blowers [Updated]To tell or not to tell.
  46. The Wall Street Journal’s New Privacy Policy Is Everything They Taught Us to FearThe cookies are here. No one is safe.
  47. How to be Tony Maws
    Want to Maw Like Tony Maws? Use Duck FatP.S. Badly cooked eggs “bum him out.”
  48. Beer Me
    Foster’s May Not Be ‘Australian for Beer’ for Much LongerThe company faces a hostile takeover, but more troubling is the fact that beer sales are down in Australia.
  49. The Wall Street Journal Really Endorses Climbing TreesGet up there already!
  50. Pigeons Are Supposedly Popular Again in BrooklynAnd not just with Mike Tyson!
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