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Where Are All Our Lady Gurus?

The 'WSJ' has compiled a list of the most influential business gurus, and estrogen levels are way down...

Rupert Murdoch Is Full of Vim, Vigor and Probably Viagra

The media mogul seems gleeful about life (and also his wife!) in a 'Newsweek' profile, Bank of America's CEO is startled by losses, a fifth-grade graduation ceremony gets ugly, and a hedge-funder pays $801,000 for a literal closet in today's collection of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.

Dick Cheney Hates Your Love

The vice-president would really like the little people to get back to their goddamn jobs and stop making googly eyes at one another.

NBC Throws a Changeup

The Peacock network is the first to ditch the traditional notion of television "seasons." That, and more news from the city's media, finance, law and real-estate industries.