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Where Are All Our Lady Gurus?

The 'WSJ' has compiled a list of the most influential business gurus, and estrogen levels are way down...

Rupert Murdoch Is Full of Vim, Vigor and Probably Viagra

The media mogul seems gleeful about life (and also his wife!) in a 'Newsweek' profile, Bank of America's CEO is startled by losses, a fifth-grade graduation ceremony gets ugly, and a hedge-funder pays $801,000 for a literal closet in today's collection of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.

Dick Cheney Hates Your Love

The vice-president would really like the little people to get back to their goddamn jobs and stop making googly eyes at one another.

NBC Throws a Changeup

The Peacock network is the first to ditch the traditional notion of television "seasons." That, and more news from the city's media, finance, law and real-estate industries.

Reacting to Eliot's Mess

Eliot Spitzer is still holed up in his apartment in New York, where he and his wife, Silda, have been conferring with advisers since last night. He's weighing his options, and deciding whether to resign. Meanwhile, on the outside, the politicians and the media have descended into exactly the kind of feeding frenzy you would expect: • The Post reports that State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno held back from reveling in his great rival's fall: "I feel very badly for the governor's wife, for his children," he said. "The important thing for the people of New York State is that people in office do the right thing." • According to CNN, Republican state senators and assemblymen (and some Democrats) are aggressively calling for his resignation. So is the Republican Governors Association. • If Spitzer doesn't resign before a deadline set by state Republicans, they've vowed to begin impeachment proceedings, reports WCBS.

‘Journal’ Stipple Artists Find Obama Challenging

Hillary Obama Journal Blacker
Remember when there was all that hullabaloo about the Clinton campaign's making Barack Obama look blacker than he is in one of its ads? The campaign dismissed the claim, but we know enough about political advertising to be aware that not one single second of any spot isn't agonized over. (Case in point: The idea that the famous "floating cross" in Huckabee's Christmas ad was anything but planned is ridiculous.) But maybe we were too quick to judge: Last Thursday we noticed that Clinton isn't the only one with trouble nailing down Obama's exact facial characteristics. The Wall Street Journal's crack team of stipple artists (led by Noli Novak) couldn't quite get it right, either. Instead of Obama's trademark dark brow and big open eyes, we got an image of a man who looked, well, a little bit like a generic black dude. That's weird, right? But maybe we should just chalk it up to the limitations of the medium. And in that case, let us say that said limitations are kinder to Hillary. When was the last time you saw her looking that joyful and young? Clinton, Obama Go on Attack as Superdelegates Hold Key [WSJ]