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New Muppet Walter Was Based On Michael Cera

You know the new Muppet, Walter? The "sweet, simple character" who's a big fan of all the other Muppets' past Muppeting? Apparently that sweetness and simpleness was modeled after the sweetness and simpleness of one Mr. Michael Cera. Good to [...]

By Hallie Cantor

In Treatment: The Fighting Cure

Paul has one week to accept that he can’t save his patients and to see that he really is helping them.

By Kristal Hawkins

Fugs: Frenchwoman Wears Turban, Christina Milian's Hair Just Looks Like One

It’s not often that you see a turban out in the wilds, especially not on the head of someone who (a) isn’t Melania Trump — in which case it would be made of fur — or (b) sporting it for religious reasons. So unless Julia Reston-Roitfeld has just joined the Church of Dynasty, she might well be the first person since the eighties that we’ve seen flaunting this very special headgear as though it were no more unusual than a bun.