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  1. the top line
    What’s Wrong at Kraft? There Are Two Theories, Both Bad for Warren Buffett.Maybe he’s mismanaged the company — or maybe he just paid way too much for it in the first place.
  2. Warren Buffett’s Company Made $29 Billion Off the Trump Tax CutsPaul Ryan recently boasted that the GOP’s tax cuts had given one lucky secretary in Pennsylvania an extra “$1.50 a week.”
  3. Amazon Wants to Disrupt Health Care As Well As Send Me 5-Pound Gummy-Bear BagsAmazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Berkshire Hathaway are forming a new health-care company
  4. odd couples
    What Do Katy Perry and Warren Buffett Have to Talk About?Bitcoin, apparently.
  5. gimmicks
    Coca-Cola Put Warren Buffett’s Face on Chinese Coke CansThe company went with its “best-known fan” to launch Cherry Coke in China.
  6. Why Google Isn’t the New Berkshire HathawayGoogle wants to be a 1960s-style conglomerate for the 21st century.
  7. The Chain Gang
    Even Dairy Queen Thinks It Can Make a Better Sandwich Than SubwaySandwich drama.
  8. Mergers
    Kraft and Heinz Will Merge to Make One Giant $40 Billion Food CompanyIt will create the world’s fifth-largest food company.
  9. Warren Buffett’s Breaking Bad Birthday CakeThe billionaire LOVES Breaking Bad.
  10. shmashmortion
    Better Access to Abortion Doesn’t Mean More AbortionsBut free IUDs might mean fewer abortions.
  11. Warren Buffett Will Buy You Dinner If You Make Him $5 BillionIt’s easy!
  12. Wall Street’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ Are Back, But Don’t Panic YetIt’s different this time! Maybe!
  13. Deals
    If Fired, Heinz CEO Could Walk Away With $212 MillionThe food industry’s richest acquisition ever.
  14. Deals
    Warren Buffett’s Company and Brazilian Investors Team Up to Buy Heinz“This is my kind of deal,” Buffett says of the purchase.
  15. Warren Buffett Knows There’s Always Money in the Ketchup StandWhy Buffett and the Brazilians bought Heinz.
  16. Newspaper ‘Addict’ Warren Buffett Pretty Much Just Winging ItHe has no plan to save print — just money!
  17. Warren Buffett Cans Cruise CEOA supposedly fun thing he’ll never do again, because he got fired.
  18. Lloyd Blankfein and Warren Buffett Want to Make You RichThey said so on national TV.
  19. People Are Still Paying Sickening Amounts of Money to Lunch With Warren BuffettAn anonymous bidder shelled out $3,456,789.
  20. Warren Buffett Keeps Buying Newspapers, for Some ReasonWhat’s another $142 million?
  21. Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders on Warren Buffett and His Eponymous RuleScenes from the annual meeting’s kickoff party. 
  22. Buffett Entertains at Berkshire Annual MeetingBuffett still hasn’t revealed his successor.
  23. secret millionaires club
    Warren Buffett Is Now Grooming Kiddie Entrepreneurs He will hear business pitches from 7- to 16-year-olds.
  24. Warren Buffett Running Shoes Cost $110They’ll be for sale at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.
  25. Warren Buffett’s Childhood Home Not Exciting to AnyoneNo one bid on a charity dinner to be held where the billionaire grew up.
  26. Warren Buffett Has CancerHe says it’s “not remotely life-threatening.”
  27. Deals
    Bodega Offers The Warren Buffett Deal TodayThat’s a flat 30% off on tax day.
  28. Mediavore
    Boston Speed Dog Wants to Make Warren Buffett a Partner; Meet the Guy Who CoinedPlus Paris says au revoir to the Ritz’s Hemingway Bar and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  29. Who Needs a Daily List of the World’s Richest Billionaires?Bloomberg is giving us one anyway.
  30. Warren Buffett Has Chosen a Successor But Won’t Name NamesSays he’s still in “excellent health” and not “going anywhere.”
  31. Warren Buffett Will Joke About Anything Except Being GayThe billionaire loves posing for wacky photos, but men better not cross the line.
  32. Warren Buffett Was at the Reopening of the 40-40 Club Last NightGot some dirt on his shoulder.
  33. Warren Buffett Wants to Save America With a Pledge DriveSeems reasonable.
  34. Warren Buffett Paid Just $7 Million in Taxes Last YearHe gave Congress the numbers.
  35. Warren Buffett’s Son Understands What Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Angry AboutIt’s pretty simple, really.
  36. Warren Buffett’s Grandson on the Buffett Rule, and How President Obama Almost Ruined His Marriage ProposalWe chatted with the busy 27-year-old about all kinds of Buffett-related things!
  37. Obama Proposes Millionaire ‘Buffett Tax’ and Sets the Stage for a New Government Showdown [Updated]Part of a $2 trillion deficit-reduction plan.
  38. Meet the Bad Cop to Warren Buffett’s Good CopHere, take her card!
  39. Bank of America Sells Stake in Chinese Bank for $8 BillionIt’s a nice boost to their capital reserves.
  40. Warren Buffett Investing $5 Billion in Bank of AmericaTo the rescue again!
  41. Watch Warren Buffett Describe the Debt Talks As a Giant Game of Chicken Played by Insane PeopleBoehner didn’t throw out the steering wheel, but a group behind him said ‘Throw out the steering wheel, Mr. Speaker.’”
  42. Warren Buffett Doesn’t Need Any More Tax BreaksReally! He said so himself.
  43. Personalities
    Warren Buffett Wants to Buy Boston Speed Dog?We think he’d make a tidy profit.
  44. Warren Buffett Didn’t Want Jamie Dimon to Feel Left OutHe loves all his favorite bankers equally, and they are all different people with their own special talents, okay?
  45. Warren Buffett to Lloyd Blankfein: Don’t Leave Me!I want him to stay!”
  46. Warren Buffett Joins The Office FinaleThe Office season finale might be on Thursday, but don’t think there isn’t plenty of time to announce even more candidates for Michael Scott’s […]
  47. the industry
    Warren Buffett Also Up for Carell’s Office JobMake him feel welcome, Ray Romano and Jim Carrey.
  48. Goldman Sachs Profit Fell 21 Percent, So Why Is Lloyd Still ‘Pleased’?Thanks, Warren!
  49. Ex-Berkshire Exec Says He Did Nothing Wrong by Buying Shares Before Getting Warren Buffett to InvestDavid Sokol needs a lawyer. Stat.
  50. Warren Buffett Makes Lemonade Out of Japanese Earthquake LemonsThe rich-guy glass is half-full.
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