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All They Are Saying…

Moveon.org's "Emergency Veto Rally" converged on Union Square at rush hour last night to protest President Bush's veto of the Democrat's war-funding bill, which set a date for troop withdrawal. The youngest protester looked to be about 3; the oldest no doubt saw plenty of anti-Vietnam rallies as well. There were some college kids, too, but not many. Whither the young radicals? (On the other hand, the college kids probably came up with our all-time favorite rally chant, replacing words in a Ludacris lyric: "Move Bush, get out the way, get out the way Bush, get out the way.") —Everett Bogue

No War With Iran (for Now)!

We'd sort of convinced ourselves that the British sailors and marines captured by Iran were going to become the Archduke Ferdinands of the Middle East–centered World War III Bush and Cheney have brought us to the precipice of. But there's the good news today that Iran is releasing them, and we're pleased to see the conflagration is staved off for at least another day. "We're not looking for confrontation over this," Tony Blair said in a radio interview yesterday. Funny what happens when you choose not to look for confrontations. Iran to Release 15 Britons Held Since March 23 [NYT]

Another Year, Another March

War Protest
Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war and protesters across the country marked the occasion yesterday with marches from San Francisco to Washington. Here in New York, demonstrators moved through midtown, crossing 42nd Street (above) to walk north along Third Avenue. We imagine there was less drinking at this parade than at Saturday's Saint Patrick's Day event, but just as many cops.