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  1. Mothers and Daughters Marched Together at the Women’s March on Washington“I brought her to fight for herself.”
  2. 13 Marchers on Why They Traveled Far and Wide to Get to Washington“They are our neighbors, our friends and our sisters, and we felt we needed to be here.”
  3. Protests Turned Violent at a Demonstration Before the Inaugural ParadePolice used stun grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray to disperse the rock-throwing crowd.
  4. Inauguration Day in Washington Is Like a Nightmare Twitter ThreadPeople have come from around America to shout at each other.
  5. Inauguration Day in Washington Is Like a Nightmare Twitter ThreadPeople have come from around America to shout at each other.
  6. Watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Clash With Police a Day Before Trump’s InaugurationPolice responded by using pepper spray on the protesters.
  7. seriously?
    Anti-Gay Protesters Are Picketing Outside Comet Ping Pong in Washington D.C.It was at the center of the bizarre Pizzagate hoax.
  8. the future
    Robot Food Deliveries Arrive in D.C. and Silicon ValleyA new start-up wants to truly eliminate all human interaction from food delivery.
  9. golden opportunity
    D.C. Restaurant Honors Trump With a ‘Golden Showers’ BurgerIt’s “drenched with self-tanning cheddar” and “topped with a very small pickle.”
  10. women's march 2017
    We Asked 9 Men Why They’re Joining the Women’s March On WashingtonAn angry dad, a former Marine, and a guy who plans to march in heels.
  11. women's march 2017
    Here Are All the Celebrities Attending the Women’s MarchTons of celebs are set to march for women’s rights.
  12. Trump’s Lawsuit Against Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Is Headed to TrialLawyers say settlement talks are at an “impasse.”
  13. trump protests
    Over a Dozen DC Restaurants Will Donate Inauguration Sales to Anti-Trump CausesFifteen spots promise a portion of sales to Planned Parenthood and other aid groups.
  14. masterpieces
    D.C. Restaurant Won’t Add Trump to Its World-Famous Presidential MuralMama Ayesha’s painting features every POTUS since Eisenhower.
  15. lawsuits
    José Andrés Is a Celebrity Chef Willing to Fight Back Against Donald TrumpThe Spanish-born D.C. chef is locked in a legal battle with the president-elect, and he isn’t backing down.
  16. harassment
    Nightclub Recieves Threats After Refusing to Host Alt-Right Inauguration PartyThe venue turned them away after finding out the nature of the party.
  17. food fight
    Donald Trump Could Be Deposed for 7 Hours in the José Andrés Lawsuit in JanuaryHis lawyers’ request to limit the questioning to a couple hours was denied.
  18. pizzagate
    Comet Ping Pong’s Neighbors Want a Pizzeria Date With Mike PenceThey think it will put “an end to this madness.”
  19. crowdfunding
    Comet Ping Pong’s Owners Have Started a GoFundMe to Pay for Restaurant SecurityThey’re asking for $28,000.
  20. insane
    D.C. Pizzeria at Center of Fake Pizzagate Conspiracy Will Reopen TomorrowComet Ping Pong is the focal point of a fake, and now dangerous, conspiracy theory.
  21. interviews
    Why NYC’s Most Acclaimed Sushi Bar Is Opening in Trump’s D.C. Hotel“Whatever’s going on with the White House or whatever’s going on with Donald Trump is not my focus.”
  22. expansions
    The Acclaimed Sushi Nakazawa Will Expand to Donald Trump’s D.C. HotelThe owner says it’s not about politics.
  23. world's worst customers
    After Hosting White Nationalists, Maggiano’s Will Donate $10K to the ADL“We want to sincerely apologize to the community of Friendship Heights …”
  24. seriously?
    Fake Child-Trafficking News Story Leads to Death Threats at Innocent PizzeriaPizza is the only thing for sale at Comet in D.C.
  25. conflicts of interest
    Foreign Diplomats Are Apparently Lining Up to Do Business at Trump’s D.C. HotelThe conflict of interest between Trump’s presidency and his businesses is no longer hypothetical.
  26. Even Trump’s Closest Advisers Aren’t Quite Sure How He’ll GovernHe is “basically a blank slate that needs to be filled in.”
  27. drama
    What Happened After José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian Bailed on Trump’s HotelJosé Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian didn’t anticipate so much fallout, while the Trumps struggled to find new chefs.
  28. it's with her
    Check Out This Burger Shop’s Massive Hillary Clinton MuralD.C.’s Z-Burger has made a rather conspicuous 2016 endorsement.
  29. ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Heads to Washington DC Next WeekSeth Meyers is taking his late night talk show to Washington DC next week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Late Night will tape next […]
  30. gimmicks
    Donald Trump’s New Hotel Serves Wine by the SpoonfulGuests can pay $140 for an ounce of “the truest expression of terroir known to man.”
  31. lawsuits
    Geoffrey Zakarian Tells Donald Trump’s Kids to Sue Their DadHe says the presidential candidate, his former business partner, “rendered this Chernobyl.”
  32. karma
    The Trump Hotel Can’t Find a Restaurant to Replace Geoffrey Zakarian’sHe just couldn’t “make a deal.”
  33. other magazines
    Bon Appétit Names Washington, D.C. ‘Restaurant City of the Year’Thanks to places like Bad Saint, the Dabney, and Tail Up Goat.
  34. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Wins Washington D.C. PrimaryTheir first face-to-face meeting in months could be a turning point.
  35. Minimum Wage
    Washington, D.C., Is Latest City to Pass a $15 Living WageA big victory for fast-food workers living in the place with the nation’s highest income disparity.
  36. Lawsuits
    Trump’s Lawyers Say Business Is Up at His Hotels’ RestaurantsJust trust them!
  37. Barbaric Yelp
    Restaurateur Admits Yelper Didn’t Poop PantsTalk about a Friday-afternoon news dump.
  38. Barbaric Yelp
    Restaurant Owner Accuses Angry Yelper of Pooping Her Pants During Happy Hour“Never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained.”
  39. Crime Scene
    Ben & Jerry’s Co-founders ArrestedThe Bernie Sanders supporters stood up to the Man.
  40. Lawsuits
    Trump Attorneys Hit Back at Chef Jose AndresThis is getting messy.
  41. videology
    PJ Harvey’s New Song Exposes D.C. GentrificationThe former mayor’s office has compared her to Piers Morgan.
  42. awful things
    District Judge Resigns After Sex Abuse ChargeRoberts’s accuser says he raped her repeatedly in 1981.
  43. commutes from hell
    How D.C. Is Dealing With a 29-Hour Metro Shutdown“Carmageddon” descends on Washington. 
  44. early and often
    Cruz Wins Wyoming, Rubio Wins DC in Latest VotingNext up are the massive primaries on Tuesday.
  45. the urbanist
    Uber Drivers Around the World Tell AllFrom Mexico City (where they reveal taco tips) to Cape Town (with a new female driver) to the south of France.
  46. The Grub Street Diet
    CBS News’ John Dickerson Knows Sundays Are Meant for Buffets“Coffee and sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them.”
  47. The Hunger Games
    Panicked D.C. Residents Clear Out Supermarket’s Cheese AisleIt’s a real struggle to survive out there.
  48. busted
    Immortal Dick Cheney Replica Now Lives at the CapitolHis bust was unveiled in the Senate wing of the Capitol.
  49. islamic state watch
    ISIS Says It Will ‘Strike America at Its Center’ in Washington“You will have a day, God willing, like France’s.”
  50. At Last
    The Ben’s Chili Bowl Bill Cosby Mural Was Finally DefacedAn artist put a grinning sticker of Kim Jong-un over the comedian’s face.
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