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  1. mueller time
    Five Reasons Why Republicans Won’t Abandon Trump Like They Ditched NixonNixon had weaker intraparty support than Trump, who will benefit from likely polarization over the Mueller report.
  2. mueller time
    Justice Department: ‘No Harm, No Foul’ on Trump’s Obstruction of JusticeMueller punted to Barr and Rosenstein, who seem to be arguing that if Trump didn’t collude, he would have been crazy to obstruct.
  3. impeachment
    Republican Solidarity Will Protect Trump From ImpeachmentHistory shows that impeachment efforts tend to tighten the bonds between president and party. With Trump’s party controlling the Senate, that’s big.
  4. Frank Rich: The Endgame for Trump Comes Into ViewThe tumult of this week hasn’t finished off his presidency yet, but the final stages look closer by the day.
  5. The Powerful Myth of the Would-Be President RFK, 50 Years LaterRobert F. Kennedy promised a kind of mind-bending coalition of minorities and white working-class voters that progressives still crave.
  6. Slow Burn Is the Watergate Podcast You Didn’t Know You NeededIt examines in great detail what it was like to live through a major political scandal.
  7. rumor mill
    Netflix Is Eyeing George Clooney–Produced Watergate SeriesOscar-nominated Bridge of Spies scribe Matt Charman is writing the eight-episode mini-series.
  8. Flynn Kidnapping Plot Is Like Teapot Dome With a Dash of TreasonThat a presidential national security adviser might have sold his influence to a foreign government so quickly and cheaply is a very big deal.
  9. Trump’s Big Political Asset Is Supporters Who Believe Any Negative News Is FakeGOP “base” voters have long regarded the media as “biased” allies of their enemies. It’s taken Trump to convince them any bad news is just made up.
  10. politics
    Frank Rich: Nixon, Trump, and How a Presidency EndsJust wait. Watergate didn’t become Watergate overnight, either.
  11. Comey’s Memo Is the Smoking Gun of Donald Trump’s WatergateA perversion of justice, a threat to the republic, and an impeachable crime.
  12. Will Republicans Let Trump Curb the Russia Investigation?There are few ways to pursue an investigation of Russia-Trump ties if the administration fights it, so long as the congressional GOP has Trump’s back.
  13. Revisiting New York’s Watergate Series As the scandal crested, we imagined what it looked like. 
  14. watergate
    Is Any Water Better for You Than Tap?Assessing the new crop of “enhanced” waters.
  15. Frank Rich: Echoes of Watergate Summer A familiar bleakness has settled on Washington.
  16. Garage Where ‘Deep Throat’ Met Bob Woodward Is Being Torn Down Tour groups will be devastated.
  17. GOP ‘Savior’ Marco Rubio Turns Water to GoldOr at least $100,000.
  18. watergate
    Marco Rubio on His Water Bottle: God Made Me Thirsty“I needed water, what am I going to do?”
  19. Marco Rubio’s Big Moment Thwarted by Water Break Rubio’s Poland Spring bottle is the new Clint Eastwood chair.
  20. Bob Woodward on Ben Bradlee’s ‘Residual Fear’Will a Bradlee biography change the story of Watergate?
  21. Nixon’s Hatchet Man Dies at 80Political strategist turned minister Chuck Colson authored both the enemies list and the autobiography Born Again
  22. Garage Where ‘Deep Throat’ Met Watergate Source Now Has Its Own Historic MarkerPair met six times between 1972 and 1973.
  23. Slideshow
    First Look Into Tarte Tatin, Coming Soon to Beverly HillsOwner Kobi Tobiano comes from Michael Mina’s Charles Nob Hill and San Francisco’s Watergate.
  24. Palin: College Kid Hacking My E-mail Was Just Like WatergateThe hacker has been found guilty on two counts and faces over twenty years in prison.
  25. Bob Woodward Unimpressed by the Times’ Watergate ScoopA tip is nothing without a brilliant reporter to follow up on it.
  26. ‘Deep Throat’ Mark Felt Dead at 95The infamous Watergate source, who revealed himself in 2005, passed away yesterday.
  27. quote machine
    T.I. Fights for His Right to the B-Word