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  1. sliding into the dms
    Self-Described Mongoose Anthony Weiner Was Catfished on Twitter by a RepublicanWhere are Nev and Max when you need them?
  2. Weiner’s New Scandal Leaves Something to Be DesiredNot penis puns.
  3. Stand by Your Man? How Huma Can Do What Hillary Couldn’t“We’re baffled by Huma’s choice because women no longer need to be professionally affixed to a man to make inroads in business or politics.”
  4. weinergate
    No Longer Flawless, Huma Abedin’s Been HumanizedAnthony Weiner’s wife has always been impeccably impressive. At yesterday’s press conference, she was imperfect — and compelling.
  5. Weiner’s Road Ahead: Retail Politics and High Entertainment ValueHours after the scandal broke, he was working voters like a champ.
  6. weinergate
    What It’s Like to E-mail With Anthony Weiner These DaysFor a reporter.
  7. Anthony Weiner Rejoins Twitter in Second-Worst Way PossibleWith a new account.
  8. Anthony Weiner Might Be Making His Political Comeback Even More DifficultHe’s running for city comptroller, if you believe the Post.
  9. Anthony Weiner Cybersex Partner Sorry for Ruining His LifeShe commented on his Facebook family photo to say so.
  10. Anthony Weiner Returns to TwitterHe’s baaack.
  11. weinergate
    The Anthony Weiner Image-Rehab Tour Hits People MagazineHe does all the laundry!
  12. Will Anthony Weiner Actually Run for Mayor? He’s reportedly interested, but he might have to start a bit smaller.
  13. Regrets, Anthony Weiner Has a Few A year after his resignation, the former congressman gave his first radio interview to WNYC.
  14. Anthony Weiner Is a Stay-at-Home DadHuma is back to work; he’s not.
  15. Anthony Weiner: ‘Why the F*ck Am I Not on MSNBC?!’The former congressman really liked being on TV.
  16. Anthony Weiner Informed FBI of Representative Michael Grimm Extortion ClaimsBefore the Twitpic that brought his own career crashing down.
  17. Weiner Seems to Have Paid $13,000 to Find ‘Twitter Hacker’That turned out to be an unnecessary expense.
  18. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Have a New Baby BoySins of a father make your life ten times harder.”
  19. Today in Ill-Considered Facial HairThe Anthony Weiner edition.
  20. Anthony Weiner Is Still Spending His Campaign War ChestHe’s got plenty of cash to burn.
  21. One of Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Pals Wrote a Tell-All BookMore horrible sexting revelations.
  22. Bob Turner’s Wife Is Grossed Out by Anthony Weiner’s Old OfficeHe left some personal effects.
  23. Anthony Weiner Voted for David Weprin TodayAs if the Democratic candidate didn’t already have enough problems.
  24. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Are Expecting a BoyAnd the inevitable headline: “Little Weiner.”
  25. Why the Dems Are Worried About the Race for Anthony Weiner’s SeatThe seat could go Republican — not a good early indicator for 2012.
  26. Anthony Weiner and His Wife Are on Vacation in ItalyThe ‘Post’ calls it a “babymoon.”
  27. Dov Hikind Hates Gay Marriage So Much He’s Willing to Suspend Party AllegianceIn the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in the House, Hikind’s considering supporting Republican Bob Turner.
  28. Could a Republican Be Elected to Fill Weiner’s Seat?That’s no longer such a far-fetched question to ask.
  29. Anthony Weiner Is Looking for a New NeighborhoodMaybe Park Slope?
  30. Anthony Weiner Says the ‘Hardest Part’ of His Comeback Will Be Convincing Hillary Clinton He’s Cured of Sex AddictionFancy that.
  31. New Issue of Al Qaeda Magazine Mocks Anthony WeinerWay to be current, Al Qaeda.
  32. At Least Two People Want to Be New York’s Congressperson for Fifteen Months [Updated]Anthony Weiner’s seat won’t last for long — but a couple of people might still want it.
  33. Post: Anthony Weiner Is Trying to Pick His SuccessorWait a minute here.
  34. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Still Eat Dinner, DessertWe’re doing great, thank you.”
  35. ‘Page Six’: Bloomberg Campaign Knew About Weiner’s Kinky WaysAnd they used it to stop him from running.
  36. Report: Special Election to Replace Weiner Will Come September 13It’s back to school and back to Congress!
  37. Weiner’s Last Day Will Be June 21Bye-bye, Weiner.
  38. LinkedIn Is the Only Major Online Social Network That’s Mostly MaleProbably good news for Anthony Weiner’s simultaneous attempts to find a job and patch up his marriage.
  39. Anthony Weiner Announces He’s Stepping DownThe disgraced congressman made his announcement during a press conference today.
  40. Why Weiner’s Folly Is New York’s LossWeiner loved this city, he loved politics, and he had the talent to use the latter to make the former a better place.
  41. Times: Weiner Has Told Friends He’ll ResignCould Weinergate finally be over?
  42. Democrats Trying Very Hard to Make Congress Unbearable for Anthony WeinerIt’s the Play Now strategy!
  43. Weiner Girl Who Just Wants to Go on With Her Life Holds Press Conference With Gloria AllredFormer porn star Ginger Lee wants out of the spotlight, she told reporters she had invited there.
  44. Michelle Obama and Representative Paul Ryan Share a SecretThe P90X!
  45. President Obama Kind of Tells Anthony Weiner to ResignHint, hint.
  46. Anthony Weiner Finally Considering Resignation?He’ll see how his treatment goes.
  47. sex diaries
    Ask Our Sex Diarists: Was Anthony Weiner Cheating?“Weiner has never tried to legislate what others do with their wieners.”
  48. Anthony Weiner Is a Man Who Likes to See Himself In the Mirror at the GymThe House Members Gym, that is.
  49. Weiner Enters ‘Treatment Center’ As Pelosi, Top Dems Urge Him to QuitWeiner has determined that he needs time to get healthy.”
  50. Watch Jane Lynch and Bill Maher Read Anthony Weiner’s Facebook MessagesIt’s priceless.
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