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Weird Science

  1. Here’s a Test for Introversion You Can Do When You’re Home, Being IntrovertedGrab yourself a lemon and a cotton swab and let’s do some somewhat questionable science.
  2. Karl Lagerfeld Won’t Offer Himself Up to ScienceHe says researchers have approached him about testing his DNA.
  3. weird beauty
    This Makeup Company Is Quietly Growing SkinL’Oréal has been testing out its products on home-grown skin.  
  4. Scott Walker’s High-School Science Teacher Scolds Him for Evolution DodgeHe could have manned up a bit.”
  5. weird science
    John Galliano Traded His Finery for a Margiela Lab CoatAdapting to the house style.
  6. pleas
    I Don’t Want to Hear About Your DietSpare me the details.
  7. robots
    Robot Plays Catch, Kind of Juggles, Promptly Freaks Us OutWe don’t like this.
  8. communication
    Women Twice As Likely As Men to Use Emoticons:/
  9. Bugging Out
    Eating Bugs and Drinking Urine Could Save the EarthThe answer is still no.
  10. robots
    Meet a Robot Made From a Cup O’ NoodlesFrom soup to bots.
  11. weird science
    Coldplay Fans Are PrudesSays a study. A “study.”
  12. Psychedelic Drugs — More Mind-Starving Than Mind-ExpandingMagic mushrooms cut off blood supply to your brain.
  13. Would You Believe That Slackers Are Less Stressed Than Type-A’s?Science tackles the hard questions.
  14. What Separates Us From Chimps?Lost DNA.
  15. Reasons Not to Fall Into a Black Hole in Outer SpaceThere’s no way of telling anyone about the light at the end of tunnel.”
  16. Instead of Humans Contracting Gonorrhea, Gonorrhea Has Contracted (a Bit of) HumanityMan bites dog.
  17. So a Japanese Scientist Wants to Resurrect the Woolly MammothDoes no one remember what happened in ‘Ice Age 2: The Meltdown’?
  18. There Is a Mysterious Green Blob in Outer Space — And It’s AliveIt’s lonely, you guys.
  19. Scientist Figures Out What Makes Women Happy: OxytocinHis methodology may have been a little off.
  20. Did Life on Earth Start With a Zombie Virus From Outer Space?Necropanspermia explains it all.
  21. Scientists’ Live Whale-Song Network Borrows Plot of Star Trek IV’Star Trek’ is to scientists what ‘Minority Report’ is to techies.
  22. The Test for Self-awareness in Animals Might Not Be Sensitive EnoughMacaques demonstrate their self-awareness by touching their genitals in a mirror.
  23. Large Hadron Collider Has an Exotic-Matter FetishSparticles, diquarks, and leptoquarks! We don’t even know what they are, but we’re excited!
  24. weird science
    Celine Dion Still Very PopularBlame the Baby Boomers.
  25. Missing Link Found, Evolution Continues ApaceOr that’s what scientists are claiming, and now they’re likening themselves to pop stars.
  26. Weird Science
    Killer SandwichesNot only is sushi a threat, but you can black out from sandwiches, too!