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Weird Things

  1. Bike Thief Lassoed by Bystander on Horseback in Oregon Walmart Parking LotI mean, who gets on their horse at Walmart and chases after somebody and lassoes him other than the Lone Ranger?” a witness remarked.
  2. City Employee Gets in Trouble Again for Talking Like a Robot He faces a second suspension. 
  3. NYC Psychic Arrested for Charging Sucker $713,975This is a weird one.
  4. weird things
    Should You Dress Up Like a Cat for Love?Maybe!
  5. fifty shades of meh
    Jamie Dornan Said Some Weird Stuff About His Balls“Like a little bag of grapes.”
  6. Chlorine-Gas Attack Interrupts Furry ConventionNineteen people had to go to the hospital.
  7. Brazilian Cannibals on Trial for Making Pastries Out of Women In the name of religion, of course.
  8. weird things
    Tinder for Random Cuddles: Weird or Convenient?Jury’s out.
  9. Guy Played by Ryan Gosling Peed on Candy at CVSRobert Durst just can’t stay out of trouble.
  10. weird things
    Fred Durst Shares His Visions of Love He’s teamed up with eHarmony.
  11. Assembly Speaker Silver Accuses NYT of Mix-upThe paper published an article about Sheldon Silver’s decades-long attempt to block a low-income housing development.
  12. Fake Sign-Language Interpreter From Mandela Memorial Resurfaces in Strange AdA company pulled Thamsanqa Jantjie out of a psychiatric hospital to film it.
  13. D’Souza Made Unfunny ‘Between Two Ferns’ ParodyWith himself in Zach Galifianakis’s seat.
  14. Q&A: Susan Orlean on @Horse_ebooks and Her Internet ObsessionsAn interview with the writer about her latest article.
  15. Dianne Feinstein Once Startled a Drone and Made It CrashWeird.
  16. John Liu Doesn’t Seem Ready to Give Up the Campaign TrailThe former comptroller is still sending reporters his schedule.
  17. New York Representative Refers to Paul Ryan As ‘Naughty Boy’Weird!
  18. Congressman Thought He Had a Secret Illegitimate Daughter, But He Doesn’tRepresentative Steve Cohen was wrong.
  19. No, a Firefighter Is Not Giving Away His Mini-Horse on CraigslistIt’s a prank.
  20. clickables
    See Skittles’ Deeply Disturbing New Cat CommercialWait for the second cat.
  21. What the Hell Is Up with Alec Baldwin’s Wegmans Commercials? Alec Baldwin is rich and famous and has absolutely no need to do crappy, low-budget local commercials. But his mom loves upstate NY […]
  22. Billionaire Real-Estate Mogul Is Blabbering Fool, Lawyer ClaimsHas Tamir Sapir been smiling and nodding his way through major real-estate deals for over ten years?
  23. Koppel’s Son Had Heroin, Cocaine, and Prescription Drugs in System at Time of DeathThis contradicts the story of his accidental binge death as told by the only two witnesses.
  24. Times Describes Boyish Businessweek Editor in Unusually Evocative MannerMr. Tyrangiel is 37, and, with his rosy cheeks and bright brown eyes, seems like he should be playing stickball in 1940s Brooklyn.”
  25. So, This HappenedWe didn’t really understand what was so terrifying about China until we saw this.
  26. Former Merrill Lynch Executive Forced to Declare Bankruptcy Just to Keep a $14 Million Roof Over His HeadHow did things go so wrong for this tan man?
  27. Man Treasures Splinter That Was in Someone’s Bum 68 Years Ago“I’m not embarrassed about it. I’m comfortable with it.”
  28. With New CNN Partnership, Vice ‘Grows Up’I don’t give a s–t about shoes and denim anymore. I give a s–t about what the f–’s happening,” says founder.
  29. the end of greenwich
    Christmas Won’t Come to Greenwich This YearThings get darker in the suburb to the north.
  30. Dobbs Says Farewell, Cites Desire to ‘Engage in Constructive Problem-solving’After 30 years at CNN, Lou Dobbs will “pursue new opportunities.”
  31. Lou Dobbs ResignsTonight will be the longtime CNN anchor’s last show.
  32. Piece of Jet Engine Falls in Long Island Family’s YardA 20-lb engine part falls off a Delta jet.
  33. Thousands of Creepy, Disgusting Bugs on the Loose in GreenwichRelative poverty has driven officials in the bedroom community to the north to do crazy things.
  34. WSJ: Nothing Gold Can Stay’The Wall Street Journal’ gets oddly reflective in a real-estate story.
  35. Hassan Nemazee Fooled Banks TwiceAt least!
  36. NYMag.com Commenters Go ProMartell, Till07, Wallfly, and others are in a new HSBC ad. Weird.
  37. Our New Favorite Thing: BadgersFinally, we’ve met an animal we actually like.
  38. Accused Ponzi Schemer Has a Body CountHe probably had enough heads to fill a semi-truck.”
  39. Blake Lively Claims to Have Done Time in ‘Disney Prison’Blake Lively was on the ‘Late Show’ last night and everything about it was bizarre.
  40. Australia No Longer An OptionWas moving Down Under your backup plan? Think again.
  41. George Bush: Shoe Toss Was ‘One of the Most Weird Moments of My Presidency’Really? Can that possibly be true?
  42. Madoff + Watermelons = WTF?A dispatch from the land of bizarre press releases.
  43. The Mysterious Baby-Pacifier Tree of Borough ParkThey’re gross to look at up close, but it’s pretty from a distance!