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  1. interior lives
    Artist Malene Barnett Takes Us Inside Her Caribbean-Inspired Brooklyn BrownstoneThe space is rich with color and art.
  2. interior lives
    Inside a Renowned Interior Designer’s 350-Year-Old InnThe historic house is filled with comfort and color.
  3. Bobby Berk on the Power of Good Design, Queer Eye, and What’s Next“It’s about keeping your surroundings uncluttered and it will help you keep your mind uncluttered.”
  4. Amy Sedaris Reveals Her Magical Greenwich Village ApartmentA home truly unlike any other.
  5. Inside the Stylish Launch of Wendy Goodman’s New BookHow our preeminent design editor celebrated her new book.
  6. happenings
    A Book Launch Inspired by Studio 54Wendy Goodman’s dearest friends gathered in Soho to celebrate her new design book, May I Come In?.
  7. interior lives
    This Cobble Hill Townhouse Has a Two-Story Bookshelf, Moon Light, Climbing WallWith the collaboration of Leroy Street Studio and Brook Landscape, Olivia Song has created an oasis for her husband and two young boys.
  8. interior lives
    This All-Black Boerum Hill Firehouse Has a Live-in Archery RangeJulian LaVerdiere and Erica Hohf have transformed the second story into their home, fit with an archery range, Japanese soaking tub, and terrace.
  9. from the archives
    Revisiting Some of the Most Memorable Homes Wendy Goodman Ever ScoutedOn the occasion of her memoir, our design editor recalls a few of her greatest hits.
  10. Gloria Vanderbilt Reveals the Inside of Her Upper East Side HomeAlong with some thoughts on why Instagram is just so ghastly!
  11. The 100-Year-Old Hidden Castle Tower in NYC Where AMC’s CEO Lets Down His HairBecause flat walls are for squares.
  12. Inside a Design Icon’s Colonial Castle Where Snow White’s Dwarfs May Have Died“It was red, but my immediate reaction was with those glass windows, it’s Snow White. This is fairy-tale architecture.”
  13. Inside Aelfie’s Eclectic Williamsburg LoftFollow along as our design editor, Wendy Goodman, reveals one of the most smartly curated and vibrant spaces that embraces color with no hesitation.
  14. original video
    If You Like Black, White, and Minimalism, You’ll Love this Tribeca LoftHere’s what happens when minimalism meets Danish design.
  15. Interior Lives: This Upper East Side Apartment Is a Living Work of ArtCome for the dancing vase, stay for the Peter Gabriel anecdote.
  16. interior lives
    Dive Into Artist Leonardo Drew’s Custom Designed Studio HomeSee how this Brooklyn-based sculptor keeps work and life separate.
  17. editor event
    Tour the Avedon Foundation With Wendy GoodmanDesign editor Wendy Goodman leads an exclusive tour of the Avedon Foundation.
  18. decluttering
    Domestic Purging With Japanese Tidying Guru Marie KondoRiding the high of domestic purging with the Japanese superstar.
  19. Tour Designer Hamish Ross’s Elegant Walk-upHe’s perfected the art of entertaining in his teeny-tiny Upper East Side studio.
  20. real estate
    Williamsburg Bachelor Builds Snow Fort of Our DreamsWe would like to RSVP.
  21. design hunting
    Cooper-Hewitt’s Awards Lunch With Michelle Obama and Tim GunnIn this edition of Design Hunting, Wendy Goodman attends the museum’s National Design Awards in Washington, D.C.
  22. design hunting
    Design Hunting: A Weekend in the CountryDesign guru Wendy Goodman tours bucolic weekend homes in Connecticut.
  23. design hunting
    Design Hunting: The Best of New York Design Week 2009’New York”s design editor highlights her favorite New York Design Week finds, from Royal Botanica’s outdoor furniture for a pedestrian city to some surprisingly creative new Ikea products.
  24. beauty marks
    A Video Lesson in Blow-dryingWe stopped by the Pierre Michel salon with our video camera for a blow-drying lesson. And we learned where not to apply hair product, and many other valuable tips.
  25. NewsFeed
    Bacon: Not Just a Breakfast Side, a LifestyleA slideshow brings us bacon products in all of their inspired permutations — from toothpicks to breath mints to air fresheners.
  26. NewsFeed
    It’s Official: Brad Thompson Is the New Chef at Lever HouseLever House has its new chef, and, as predicted here on Grub Street, it’s Brad Thompson.
  27. art candy
    Photographer Jessica Dimmock Meets the NeedlesDimmock takes photos of heroin addicts which are definitely not pervy.
  28. it just happened
    Breaking: Bonnie Fuller Steps Down at AMIThat’s right: American Media Inc. executive vice-president and chief editorial director Bonnie Fuller will resign from both of her positions as of Wednesday. But she’s not giving up ‘Star,’ Goddamn it!
  29. NewsFeed
    Caliente Cab Co. Pays $35K for Bad Restroom EtiquetteCaliente Cab Co. has agreed to a $35,000 settlement in the case of a woman who was allegedly chased out of the bathroom for looking like a man.
  30. cultural capital
    Are New Yorkers Actually Rude? Discuss!Or not. We don’t care what you think anyway!
  31. countdown
    ‘American Idol’: How Can Syesha Stay Alive?Syesha is the contestant with nothing to lose, and as you know if you’ve watched a few movies about renegade cops, that makes her very, very dangerous.
  32. Neighborhood Watch
    Tickets Still Available for Taste of the Nation; Jean-Jacques Rachou CooksThe Pioneer Inn space is to become the Brooklyn Ice House and the Randolph might expand in today’s neighborhood food news.
  33. cult of personality
    ‘The Hills’ Season Finale: Speidi, at LastIt’s the season finale, and this episode boils down to the only things that matter in ‘Hills’-ville: Heidi and Spencer, and the Lauren-Lo-Audrina mess.
  34. countdown
    How Long Until Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’ Gets Its Own Post on Stuff White People Like?We can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet!
  35. retail therapy
    Admit It, You Want to Wear Vintage, TooOur latest Vintage Shop-A-Matic launched today. We scoured 34 vintage stores to bring you 140 of our favorite pieces. Click for a taste.
  36. obit
    Robert Rauschenberg Dies at 82Vulture remembers Rauschenberg with the story of his epochal meeting with Willem de Kooning in 1953.
  37. quote machine
    Pete Wentz’s Wedding Will Not Serve Hors D’Oeuvre After MidnightPlus: What is Professor Indiana Jones’s publication record?
  38. run through
    Everything We Thought We Knew About ‘Project Runway’ Could Be WrongThe Weinstein Co. says negotiations for the magazine sponsor for the show’s first season on Lifetime haven’t even begun.
  39. early and often
    Vito Fossella Revives the Politician’s TMI IndexTurns out the Staten Island congressman is almost ready to be added to our Politicians TMI Index!
  40. NewsFeed
    Did Asimov Raise His Beloved Pork Buns From the Dead?One day after Eric Asimov’s moving elegy for a Chinatown coffeehouse, a sign in the window brings the promise of a resurrection.
  41. last night's gig
    Tegan and Sara Describe Physical Oddities, Creepy Thoughts About ChildrenJudging by the sea of asymmetrical haircuts (mirroring those of the twins themselves), we’re pretty sure the audience was a sympathetic one.
  42. company town
    Citadel Founder: The Kids Aren’t AlrightPlus, the latest on Bear Stearns, Robert De Niro, and Norm Pearlstine in our daily industry roundup.
  43. kudos
    The Tony Nominations: Who Was Snubbed?And what’s the “most forehead-slapping snub of them all”?
  44. NewsFeed
    ‘Top Chef’ Hopefuls Show Off Their Faux-hawksMetromix stopped into the Top Chef tryouts we told you about and talked to would-be cheftestants.
  45. early and often
    Clinton to Roar Back, Kind of, Tonight in West VirginiaWith the race pretty much wrapped up, will today’s primary, in which Hillary Clinton is expected to cruise to a huge victory, matter at all? Of course it will!
  46. loose threads
    Donna Karan Expands; ‘Project Runway’ Designers Show at Gen ArtDonna Karan will launch a “better-priced” DKNYC line, Jillian Lewis will show with Gen Art on Monday, and Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel resort show goes digital.
  47. apropos of nothing
    Official: ‘Speed Racer’ Loses to Ashton Kutcher; Emile Hirsch Fires His Agent, ObviouslyGod, how embarrassing.
  48. cultural capital
    Sue Simmons Wants to Know What the F**k You Are DoingWNBC 4 anchor Sue Simmons curses on live television. Uh, back to you, Chuck!
  49. gossipmonger
    Tory Burch and Lyor Cohen Have More in Common Than the Letter YThey’re dating, see? All the rest of today’s gossip is also here in our daily roundup.
  50. Mediavore
    More Meat-Plant Trouble; Marco Pierre White Can Live Without the MoleculesPlus: Gordon Ramsay speaks French, Arianna Huffington longs for food in Venice, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.
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