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  1. banksy
    Banksy’s Newest Piece Is a West Bank Hotel With a Remote-Controlled PianoDon’t ask how it works.
  2. Trump Picks Lawyer Who Likens Liberal Jews to ‘Kapos’ As Israel AmbassadorDavid Friedman says Jews who oppose the occupation of the West Bank are worse than those who aided the Nazis. He opposes the two-state solution.
  3. Obama Administration Says Netanyahu Broke Promise With New SettlementLast month, the United States pledged $38 billion in aid to the Israeli military.
  4. Trump Campaign Offices in the West Bank Capture His Idea of AmericaIt lacks a certain sensitivity.
  5. U.S. Criticizes Israel’s West Bank PoliciesThe ambassador also suggested that the expansion of West Bank settlement calls Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution into question.
  6. EU to Label Goods Made in Israeli SettlementsIsrael is furious.
  7. 11 Wounded in Grisly Stabbing Attack on Tel Aviv BusThe suspect was shot and arrested.
  8. Bubbles
    SodaStream Will Close Its Controversial West Bank FactoryIt also wants in on the sparkling-water-making business.
  9. Palestinian-American Teenager Killed by IDF in West BankHe was the second U.S. citizen casualty in the region this week.
  10. Images From the Jerusalem Riots After a Terror Attack Killed an American BabyThe 3-month-old was an American citizen in Israel.
  11. Palestinian Leader Accuses Israel of Genocide Remember, this is the one Israel doesn’t totally hate.
  12. 10,000 Palestinians Protest Gaza Operation in ‘Third Intifada’These are the largest protests in years.
  13. Palestinian Teen Killed in Possible Israeli Revenge AttackClashes have erupted in Jerusalem.
  14. After 2 Weeks of Searches, Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers Found Dead Israel blamed Hamas, which has denied responsibility. 
  15. Israeli Family Murdered at West Bank SettlementThe Israeli military is searching the surrounding area for the assailant.
  16. Hamas Launches Its Deadliest Attack in Two Years While Netanyahu Heads to the Peace TalksFour Israeli settlers, including a pregnant woman, were killed in the West Bank.