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What Can Brown Do For You?

  1. Can We Ever Trust Scott Brown Again?He was caught plagiarizing Elizabeth Dole.
  2. Scott Brown Is Taking a Gentlemanly Approach to the Massachusetts Senate RaceAs Silvio Berlusconi might define “gentlemanly.”
  3. Scott Brown Is MortalFor the first time, he trails Elizabeth Warren in a new poll.
  4. Somewhat-Less-Erotic Scott Brown Photos DiscoveredHe’s wearing heavy knit sweaters.
  5. Senator Scott Brown, Ladies’ ManThe Massachusetts Republican supports Planned Parenthood.
  6. Scott Brown Reveals That He Was Sexually Abused by a Camp CounselorHe hasn’t told anyone until now.
  7. Scott Brown Was Never Going to Vote for Elena KaganThe independent-minded Republican takes the party line on this one.
  8. what can brown do for you?
    Scott Brown Will Vote for Financial Reform; Cue ‘RINO’ TauntsThe legislation is now assured of passage.