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Here’s Bo Burnham’s New Special

Bo Burnham released his new special, called what., for free on YouTube this morning. Here's the full thing, or you can buy the album here if you want to pay Bo Burnham for his comedy, old fashioned-style.

By Bradford Evans

Here’s a Trailer for Bo Burnham’s New Comedy Special, ‘what.’

Bo Burnham's new comedy special, what., comes out on Tuesday, December 17th, and here's a super funny new trailer for it he released yesterday. As he says in the trailer, Burnham is releasing the special for free online via YouTube in addition [...]

By Bradford Evans

Bo Burnham Is Releasing His New Standup Special Online for Free

While comedians like Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan have self-released standup specials online for $5, Bo Burnham is putting his next one out for free. Burnham announced release plans for his new one-hour special, entitled [...]

By Bradford Evans

Woman Attacks Husband Over ‘The Onion’

This is real news but it sure reads like fake news. A Wisconsin wife was charged on Monday with one count of disorderly conduct domestic abuse for attacking her husband after finding his copies of The Onion. The women, Lynne Rasbornik (You know [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Ron Artest, Professional Stand Up Comedian

Los Angeles Laker/fan puncher Ron Artest has a stand up tour. Caroline's says that it will be "THE comedy event of the summer." Sorry, actual comedy events! This one wins, I guess.

By Adam Frucci