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White Flags

  1. German Artists Continue to Humiliate NYPD in Brooklyn Bridge Flag StuntThe American flags “are back on American soil,” the department announced, as if they did the work.
  2. Arty Germans Put White Flags on Brooklyn BridgeThey sound legit.
  3. NYPD Pretty Sure Who Put White Flags on BridgeKnowing’s not proving.”
  4. Stoner Bro: I Put White Flags on Brooklyn BridgeMarijuana activist Reverend Bud Green of the People Opposing Tyranny (POT) Party.
  5. Brooklyn White Flag Investigation Inches AlongMany of the city’s best and brightest investigators” are working on it.
  6. Dozens of Detectives Searching for 5 Kids The flag-planters are still on the loose. 
  7. NYPD Thinks Brooklyn Bridge White-Flag Stunt Was an Inside JobThe suspects knew exactly what size the lights are.
  8. Brooklyn Gives UpTwo white flags flew from the Brooklyn Bridge this morning.