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White Men With Money

  1. Rich Guy Now Even Richer Than Other Rich GuyMark Zuckerberg just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the world’s fourth-richest person.
  2. ‘Black Americans’ Super-Pac Funded by White GuysSo, so white.
  3. Michael Bloomberg Owns the Domain BloombergBlows.nycAnd 399 others, just in case.
  4. At Least Lindsey Graham Knows His AudienceI’m trying to help you with your tax status.”
  5. How to Make $200 Million in 28 MonthsA case study in the perfect tech exit.
  6. Rich Guy Is Pretty Sure His Megayacht Counts As PhilanthropyMhmmmm.
  7. Former Goldman Guy Wants You, Too, to Have a $1 Million Violin-Shaped PoolBankers are dedicating their second acts to making people hate them even more.
  8. Donald Sterling Suing NBA for $1 Billion Because He Really Is the WorstThe Clippers owner won’t just take the $2 billion and shut up.
  9. Donald Sterling Doesn’t Care About $2 BillionAs his power fades, more assholery from the Clippers owner.
  10. Billionaire Sorry He’s Not Sorry for Comparing Inequality Talk to HitlerHome Depot founder Kenneth Langone takes back his original take-back.
  11. Now Donald Sterling Says He Was Only Being Racist to Get LaidI’m trying to have sex with her,” he says. “I was jealous.”
  12. white men with money
    Wall Street’s Most Banker-ish Banker Is Stepping DownSkip McGee is taking his talents elsewhere.
  13. Here’s a Video of Wall Street Bankers Stripping and Singing BadlyIf that’s your thing.
  14. Twitter Really Did Install Log Cabins Inside Its OfficeTwo, from the 1800s, salvaged from Montana.
  15. Steve Cohen Gets Away: ‘Why Did Preet Wuss Out?’The big fish of the hedge-fund world escapes prosecution.
  16. white men with money
    If You Want to Be Happy, Work at a Hedge FundThey’re more satisfied than bankers or tech workers.
  17. white men with money
    You Can Be a ‘Harvard Business School’ ‘Graduate’ for Just $1,500 NowIntroducing the HBS CORe program, the underachiever’s fast-track to greatness.
  18. Goldman Sachs Elevator Got a New Six-Figure Book DealAt least one publisher doesn’t care if he never worked at the investment bank.
  19. Ken Langone Becomes Latest Billionaire Victim of Hitler’s Nazi TacticsTom Perkins got through to at least one ally.
  20. New York Observer Defends Donald Trump AgainThe paper “took great care to ensure fair, unbiased journalism.”
  21. Sean Parker Thinks the Press Is Like Nazi DogsNazi dogs, specifically.
  22. Here Is Rupert Murdoch’s New $57 Million Bachelor PadHe bought One Madison’s triplex penthouse and the floor below it.
  23. Judge Signs Off on Bank of America’s $8.5 Billion Investor Settlement Which they first agreed to pay over two years ago.
  24. Perkins Compares San Francisco to Nazi GermanyTom Perkins is worried about a “progressive Kristallnacht.”
  25. Hannity Confirms He’s Leaving New York … EventuallyWhen his son graduates high school.
  26. Governor Cuomo May Have Convinced Sean Hannity to Leave New YorkFlorida really does sound like a better place for him.
  27. Ex-Hedge-Funder Shares ‘Wealth Addiction’ StorySam Polk wants everyone to stop enabling Wall Street money junkies like him.
  28. Revealed: Michael Bloomberg’s All-Business E-mails About Citi Bikes and PotholesIf I were to write him a nice love letter, he would respond, ‘tx,’” says a friend.
  29. Jeff Bezos Rescued by Ecuadorian Navy on New Year’s DayBecause he had kidney stones.
  30. Bloomberg Spent $650 Million of His Own Money Playing Fantasy MayorThe back-of-the-envelope math.
  31. Wall Street’s Status Hierarchy Flipped in 2013Bond traders aren’t the alpha dogs anymore.
  32. Wall Street’s Favorite-Son Status Is Gone. It’s Not Happy About ItWhy can’t bank CEOs get special access to the West Wing?
  33. Real El Bloombito to Haters: ‘Get a Life’The mayor says both his Spanish and his golf swing will continue to get better.
  34. Yes, Tim Geithner Is a Sellout. So What?What else is a long-suffering former Treasury secretary supposed to do?
  35. Twitter’s Founder Feuds, ExplainedThe 140-character social network has had about that many broken bromances.
  36. 5 Embarrassing Things We Learned About Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey TodayHe almost left Twitter for Facebook over a skirt-making dispute, for one.
  37. Justice Department Doesn’t Recognize Jamie DimonDoes the name “Jamie Dimon” mean nothing in Washington anymore?
  38. Girl Loses Allowance and It’s $26,000 a Month and She’s 47 Years OldHow the other half lives. 
  39. Michael Bloomberg Thinks He’s a ‘Godsend’That goes for all billionaires.
  40. white men with money
    Phil Falcone Banned From Trading for Five YearsHe’ll have to take up hobbies.
  41. Warren Buffett Will Buy You Dinner If You Make Him $5 BillionIt’s easy!
  42. Carl Icahn Is Basically Just Live-Tweeting His Phone Calls NowHis tweet about Apple sent the stock zooming.
  43. Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Is a Political Manifesto, Not Just a Tech TrickHe’s saying, “We can do the government’s job better than it can.”
  44. Michael Bloomberg’s $13,000 Bespoke Copper Bathtub Took 250 Hours to BuildIt looks something like this. (Like a bathtub.)
  45. Jim Cramer Narcs on Wall Street’s Insider-Trading Snapchat PartyPreet Bharara now knows what it is.
  46. At Least Sean Parker’s Wedding Didn’t Have Ice Sculptures and Pop StarsThe tech mogul defends his elaborate nuptials.
  47. Sean Parker’s $10 Million Wedding Bad for EarthHe paid an extra $2.5 million to fix that part.
  48. The Fabulous Life of Instagram’s ‘Mr. Wall Street’Behold the greatest Instagram account ever.
  49. Hedge-Fund Billionaire Suggests the Key to Success Is Not LactatingAs soon as that baby’s lips touched that girl’s bosom, forget it.”
  50. Steve Cohen Is Mulling Whether to Throw in the TowelThe SAC Capital billionaire is considering a deal that would shut his hedge fund.
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