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White Men With Money

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Let Them Eat Louis Vuitton

Hundreds of potential Bear Stearns interns will be left jobless and hungry this summer! How will they survive? Call 1-800-KISS-OUR- TUCHIS to help!


Daily Intel: STCU (Special Taste Crimes Unit)

We're in a recession, and the ultrarich are spending money like it's, well, going out of style. Spending one's own money, you might say, is not a crime. But as far as we're concerned, bragging about it to the 'Times' should be.


Alan Greenspan Regrets Rien

In light of the recent barrage of criticism of him, and in light of the fact that Greenspan is 82, the former Fed chairman tries to defend himself against all the bad things people are saying about him.


Jimmy Cayne Sells Out

For a moment last week, it seemed like Jimmy Cayne, the chairman of Bear Stearns who was CEO for nine years before resigning in the wake of poor performance this past January, might rally to save the firm where he'd spent most of his working life. But not so much.