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White Men With Money

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Wall Streeters Head West

According to the Chicago 'Tribune,' finance professionals are flocking to the outback. Why?

Jimmy Cayne Almost Died Trying to Save Bear Stearns

But he's okay! Even if Bear is not. The 73-year-old former Bear Stearns CEO talks about his near-death experience, how he did not smoke pot with that woman (not in a bathroom, anyway), and how he became "roadkill" on the brink of the firm's collapse, all in an epic interview with 'Fortune.'

Hedgies of the Apocalypse

As the markets decline, hedge funds like Philip Falcone's and John Paulson's still manage to rake in the dough.

The Blame’s on Thain

After a startling $9 billion dollar write-down, everyone is piling on Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain.

Where in the World Is Samuel Israel III?

Unlike Carmen Sandiego, the former hedge-fund manager hasn’t supplied fun little clues or entertainment in the form of Rockapella (the FBI is pissed about this).