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White Men Without Money

  1. Fortune Revels in Financial Disasters at ForbesOoh! Financial mag catfight!
  2. Worst Trader Ever Is All, ‘NBD’ After Losing $7 Million, Screwing Up MarketThis is not career ending,” he said.
  3. Shockingly, BP Not Likely to Reward Tony Hayward With Golden Parachute on ExitThis seems like a no-brainer, but not so.
  4. Women Were Better at Trading Stocks During the Financial Crisis Than MenRogue study accuses men of thinking they know what they’re doing when they don’t.
  5. Buy Sam Israel’s Getaway WheelsAnother piece of financial-fraud history is yours for the taking.
  6. Jamie Dimon Sends Wad of Cash, No Note, to GovernmentJPMorgan unloads its “TARP baby” at last.
  7. Donald Trump Not Making Good on His Loans?Not this again…
  8. Rupert Murdoch Eyeing Sumner Redstone’s Problems With GleeAfter years of trying to position himself as a rival to Murdoch, Redstone’s getting what he asked for.
  9. It’s a Shame About ThainJohn Thain has been kicked off ‘Smart Money’’s annual Power 30 List.
  10. New Lawsuit Makes ‘Dr. Lookgood’ Look, Well, Not So GoodDr. Steven Victor is being sued by investors who say he used their cash to take fabulous vacations with his socialite wife.
  11. Judge Orders Samuel Israel to Hand Over His ToysDeems them a distraction.
  12. In Tough Times, Wall Streeters Forced to Make Humiliating Lifestyle ChangesSome banks are requiring that their employees cut back on necessities.