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White Women With Money

  1. Upper East Side Craigslist Mom Got That Book Deal After AllRebecca Land Soodak has it all figured out.
  2. Brooke Astor Estate Battle SettledThe fight over the late philanthropist’s will is finally ending.
  3. Georgina Bloomberg and Amanda Hearst Join Forces for Puppy Rescue MissionThey also saved a pregnant calico cat.
  4. Westchester Woman Aces Obsessive MotherhoodShe took the SAT seven times.
  5. Erotic Novel Goes Viral on the Upper East SideSo sayeth the Post.
  6. UrbanBaby Users Especially Irritable TodayOur favorite parenting website seems to be in a bad mood.
  7. Erin Callan Continues to Enjoy Life After LehmanShe got married.
  8. UrbanBaby User Feels Poor on $700,000 a YearIt’s rough out there.
  9. Cast of Wall Street Wives Officially AnnouncedThere’s a dude.
  10. Cathie Black Has Been to the South Bronx, ‘And That’s About As Realistic As You Can Get’Here we go.
  11. Sallie Krawcheck Is a Wildly Famous Celebrity, According to Sallie KrawcheckWho is Sallie Krawcheck, you ask? Exactly.
  12. Bank of America’s Lisa Carnoy Uses Mom Skills in the BoardroomThe executive at Bank of America recently engineered a huge deal to sell $19 billion worth of shares in the bank. How?
  13. Zoe Cruz Has a New JobMorgan Stanley’s sacrificial lamb rises again.
  14. Wall Street Wives Doing Their Part to Stimulate the EconomyLaura Blankfein, Kathy Fuld, and others were spotted shopping.
  15. Is Zoe Cruz Pondering a Comeback?After her unceremonious ouster from Morgan Stanley, Zoe Cruz might be getting back in the ring.
  16. Dick Fuld Kind of a Crybaby, Says Former Lehman CFOBut the way he blubbered as his firm was going down the tubes was really sweet, says Erin Callan.
  17. Slideshow: The Brokenhearted Babes of Wall StreetDid anybody else notice the parade of foxes exiting Lehman and Merrill yesterday? Who knew?