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  1. controversy
    Mario Lopez Lays Low After Comments About Transgender KidsWhy, Mario. Why.
  2. why
    Remember Icing Bros? Somehow Smirnoff Made It WorseJust make a spritz instead!
  3. science of us
    I Know You Know That Happiness Is FleetingBut it’s so easy to forget.
  4. why
    Coconut-Flavored Corona Is Here to Ruin Your SummerFinally answering the question: What happens if you mix beer with the worst flavor of LaCroix?
  5. why?
    Law & Order: SVU Did a Whole Episode About IncelsThe SVU detectives learn about incels on “the dark web.”
  6. why
    Avocado Toast Finally Gets the Breezy Summer Jam It DeservesIt sounds like someone crossed Halsey with Weird Al.
  7. why?
    Meanwhile, Jon Voight and Stacey Dash Are Starring in a Secret Roe v. Wade MovieIt’s filming under a fake title right now in New Orleans.
  8. Why Is ‘Meghan’ Markle Using a Fake Name?We investigate the future royal’s ultimate deception: telling everyone her name is “Meghan.”
  9. The Changing Calculus of How Hollywood Makes SequelsMovies like Super Troopers 2 and Ant-Man and the Wasp are rewriting Hollywood’s franchise playbook.
  10. What’s With All the Dead Horses?Three films this spring involve dead equines, in one way or another. Vulture investigates the trend.
  11. select all
    You Can Now Buy Lipstick on Spotify for Some ReasonBecause why not?
  12. why?
    Who Asked Ed Sheeran to Rap on Taylor Swift’s Album?Somehow, Taylor out-raps him.
  13. A Bad Moms Christmas Is About Women Trapped in a Bleak Suburban HellscapeWhat on earth is a “perfect Christmas” in 2017?
  14. Wait, Why Did We Remake Flatliners?Reexamining Joel Schumacher’s 1990 thriller — and the kookiness that made it so perfectly polarizing.
  15. select all
    Why Does Justin Bieber Have This One Specific Weird, Old Guitar Hero Controller?An important question.
  16. What the Hell Is Daniel Craig Doing in This L.A. Riots Movie?What is this random British white dude doing in Kings?
  17. why
    Oh God, Is Anthony Scaramucci Starting a New Media Company?Nobody asked for this.
  18. controversies
    Bill Maher Says the N-Word on Real TimeWhile interviewing his guest Nebraska senator Ben Sasse
  19. news you will not want to booze
    Well, There’s Finally a Beer Made With ‘Recycled Human Urine’It’s called Pisner, of course.
  20. why
    CoverGirl’s First Spokesman Jokes About Africa Having EbolaViruses and misinformation are hilarious.
  21. why
    Karlie Kloss Appears As a Geisha in Vogue’s Diversity IssueHere’s a terrible idea.
  22. why
    Horseback Yoga Exists Because Humans Can’t Stop Making Exercise WorseNeigh.
  23. why?
    Carly Fiorina Is No Mariah CareyShe broke into song to celebrate becoming Ted Cruz’s running mate.
  24. goblin kings
    Sony Is Developing a Labyrinth RemakeThe 1986 film starred David Bowie.
  25. why?
    Pat Robertson’s 700 Club Will Be On ForeverOn the network that brings you The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars.
  26. Why?
    Starbucks Has Already Unleashed Its Red Holiday CupsToo early, Starbucks. Way too early.
  27. Why?
    Cafe Edison’s Replacement Specializes in Gluten-Free Comfort FoodManhattan mini-chain Friedman’s is taking over.
  28. why?
    Creepy Homeless Bro Uses NYC Women for Sex and ShelterHe’s just like every other bro, except this one’s homeless
  29. videology
    Oh, Good, Now Azealia Banks Is Rapping With Her Creepy Tooth-EyesWatch the “Yung Rapunxel” video, if you want.
  30. why?
    Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Is Modeling Too“The first thing she asked is, ‘When will I be on the shopping bags like Mommy?’”
  31. animal cruelty
    Father and Son Kill Cat With Stick, Throw It in TrashWhy?
  32. nanny cam
    Westchester Building Superintendent Ousted for Allegedly Sodomizing Tenant’s DogThe nanny cam doesn’t lie.
  33. why?
    A Downside to Summer: The Vera Bradley–Bag OnslaughtAccording to the ‘Post,’ the Vera Bradley duffel is, sadly, the stylish New York woman’s preferred weekend bag.
  34. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  35. right-click
    My Morning Jacket Gets ‘Loaded’Plus: Eddie Vedder joins R.E.M. and Bo Diddley gets goth.
  36. quote machine
    M. Night Shyamalan Not Sure Why He Has This Reputation As the Guy Who Makes the Scary Movies With a TwistPlus: The Game defends his lack of message, and Heather Graham is keeping busy.
  37. right-click
    Radiohead Is the Anti–Rolling StonesPlus: Supergrasrs!