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Why They Hate Us

  1. Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird AttacksI’m sure they didn’t intend that,” he told Larry King. HA!
  2. The Smoking Feather!The terrorist birds who took down US Airways Flight 1549 left a calling card.
  3. Mayor Bloomberg Attacked by Terrorist GroundhogThe mayor is bitten by ‘a terrorist rodent that could very well have been trained by Al Qaeda’ at a photo op in Staten Island.
  4. Richard Meier’s Glass Tower a Boon to National Security’An all-glass building adjacent to the park is a deathtrap for birds,’ says the head of the Audubon Society.
  5. Post Isolates Terrorist Birds’ Human AlliesTaxi drivers! We should have known!
  6. Bird Attackers Left Sinister CluesInvestigators examining the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 found a single, telltale feather left behind by the avian assailants.
  7. Meanwhile, Birds Hold Summit to Plan Their Next Move’The sky was black and I thought maybe it meant an earthquake was going to happen,’ said a witness.
  8. Birds: Why They Hate UsBirds have been attacking humans since humans began to fly.
  9. Birds: Terrorists of the SkyBird strikes, as it turns out, are the most common cause of airplane accidents.