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  1. trailer mix
    Will Smith’s Bright Trailer Makes Your Orc Buddy-Cop-Movie Fantasies Come TrueJoel Edgerton co-stars as his orc cop counterpoint.
  2. casting rumors
    Will Smith Might Do Tim Burton’s Dumbo MovieThe Tim Burton movie will mix CGI and live action.
  3. roll clip!
    Will Smith and Helen Mirren Can’t Pee in PeaceEven the relative privacy of a stall won’t keep fans from listening.
  4. movie reviews
    Review: Collateral Beauty Is As Bad As You HeardThis would-be heart-warmer is as inspirational as a term paper.
  5. review roundup
    The Meanest Lines From the Collateral Beauty ReviewsGood people made a very bad thing.
  6. roll clip!
    Will Smith Is Convinced an Actual Lion Is on the Loose Near His HouseTo be clear, not a mountain lion, a lion lion.
  7. receipts
    Johnny Depp Is Forbes’ Most Overpaid ActorThe Pirates star isn’t a very good investment.
  8. trailer mix
    Here’s a Suicide Squad Blooper Reel, If You LikeViola Davis is fond of the s-word.
  9. casting couch
    Brad William Henke, Will Smith Join Bright MovieSuicide Squad’s David Ayer will direct.
  10. encounter
    I Went on a Field Trip With Will and Jaden Smith to a Water-Bottle FactoryAnd I finally discovered the truth about Jaden’s water-bottle phone.
  11. roll clip!
    See Will Smith, Margot Robbie Have an Insult War“You look like a less-hot version of Obama.”
  12. movies
    Bad Boys 3 Gets a Release Date, Proves Bad Boys Really Are for LifeRide together. Die together.
  13. will smith
    Will Smith Speaks Out Against Donald Trump and Islamophobia While in DubaiSmith felt the need to “to speak out about the insanity.”
  14. Sit Back, Unwind, and Watch Will Smith Sing ‘Summertime’The Fresh Prince is rightfully back on his throne.
  15. last night on late night
    Will Smith Can’t Stop Perfecting His Tonight Show EntranceThe Fresh Prince would like to please you.
  16. funerals
    Will Smith Will Serve as a Pallbearer at Muhammad Ali’s FuneralAlongside Lennox Lewis.
  17. roll clip!
    Watch Jay Pharoah’s Amazing Rapper ImpressionsSay hello to Jay Z, T.I., and Will Smith.
  18. The Lonely Island Performed a Musical Tribute to Will Smith at the MTV […]Between producing their Fox sketch comedy show and upcoming movie Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, the Lonely Island guys have been keeping […]
  19. mtv movie awards 2016
    Watch the Lonely Island’s MTV Will Smith TributeGet jiggy wit it.
  20. orc cop news
    Netflix Buys Will Smith’s Orc-Cop DramaWhat Netflix category do supernatural cop dramas fall into?
  21. the industry
    Will Smith and Joel Edgerton Join Orc-Cop DramaIt’s called Bright.
  22. unsubstantiated gossip
    Will Smith Was Apparently a Jerk on the Ali SetFrom co-star Paul Rodriguez.
  23. sequels forever
    Will Smith Promises Bad Boys 3 on the WayWhich is good, because the release date is February 17, 2017.
  24. #oscarssowhite
    Will Smith Had to Google Jada’s Oscars Video“She would not have gone with me. Trust.”
  25. oscars so white
    Will Smith Elaborates on His View of the Oscars Controversy: ‘We Have to Lead’“The media sort of creates the ‘us and them,’ and for me there is no us and them. It’s we.”
  26. #oscarssowhite
    Will Smith Won’t Attend the Oscars Either“We’re part of this community. But at this current time, we’re uncomfortable to stand there and say this is okay.”
  27. beefs
    Fresh Prince’s Aunt Viv Slams Smiths in VidThe four-minute diatribe takes issue with Jada Pinkett Smith’s call to boycott the 2016 Oscars … among other things.
  28. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: Concussion“‘Writing’ is the wrong way to describe what happens to words in a movie.”
  29. memento mori
    Will Smith Will Cry During Independence Day 2Here come the waterworks.
  30. nfl
    Sony Offers NFL Free Admission to ConcussionFree screening if you just join the NFL.
  31. movie reviews
    Concussion Goes Too Far in Beating Viewers Over the Head With Its MessageThe constant drumbeat of Big, Teachable Moments starts early, and it never lets up.
  32. chat room
    Will Smith on Fearing Concussion, Playing Obama“This type of film is more of an ‘inconvenient truth.’ It was a different place for me.”
  33. How Concussion Skirted the NFL’s Trademarks“We had great lawyers and we checked every fact, so that there was no way we can be discredited.”
  34. independence day 2
    Why Will Smith Is Not in Independence Day 2It involves an alien spacecraft.
  35. politics
    Will Smith: Donald Trump May ‘Force’ Me to Run for PresidentHe says he may run for office to counteract the “crazy” ideas dominating our current politics.
  36. butterfly effect
    Smith Credits Cheating Girlfriend for His CareerUrgent!
  37. will smith
    Will Smith Wants to Enter Political ArenaI, president.
  38. the industy
    New Men in Black Film Will Have ‘Woman in Black’“Now we are looking at a reinvention.”
  39. black love matters
    Will Smith Wanted Django to Be a Love StoryHe wasn’t big on the film’s violence.
  40. trailer mix
    New Concussion Trailer: Are You Ready to Be Depressed by Some Football?Will Smith plays concussion whistle-blower Bennet Omalu.
  41. roll clip!
    Will Smith Had So Many Career Updates for ZaneNamely those regarding a tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the next Bad Boys movie.
  42. right-click
    Will Smith Did a Music Thing Again, Is on a Remix for Bomba Estéreo’s ‘Fiesta’It is true. It is a “Fiesta.”
  43. remakes
    Men in Black Is Likely Coming Back As a Reinvented TrilogyWithout Will Smith.
  44. sony hack
    Report: The Concussion Filmmakers Tried Not to Piss Off the NFLAccording to emails unearthed in last year’s Sony hacks, those affiliated with the movie didn’t want to kick the hornet’s nest.
  45. Will Smith Is Developing a Family Comedy Described as the ‘New ‘Fresh […]The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air might make a glorious return to television…kind of. According to Deadline, Will Smith is currently developing a […]
  46. reboots
    Will Smith Is Trying to Reboot The Fresh PrinceIt’s happening.
  47. gossip
    Will Smith Says He Won’t Be Divorcing His ‘Queen’ Jada; Love Continues to ExistWill Smith sets the record straight.
  48. emmett till
    Will Smith and Jay Z Are Making an Emmett Till Mini-series for HBOThe two previously executive-produced Annie together.
  49. teen queen
    Lessons From the World’s Most Normal Child Star“Do you love yourself?”
  50. gifs
    The 14 Craziest Moments of the Suicide Squad TrailerIn GIF form.
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