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Wishful Thinking

  1. wishful thinking
    Two of the Most-Googled Diets in 2016 Are Just Delicious Foods10 out of 10, would try.
  2. The OECD Endorses the Agenda of an Imaginary President TrumpThe OECD says Trump’s agenda will spur global growth, assuming that agenda includes free trade, subsidized child care, and job-retraining programs.
  3. extremely convenient studies
    Let’s All Pretend We Can Get in Shape in One MinuteToday in very convenient headlines.
  4. wishful thinking
    When Will We Get Our Baby Boxes, Washington?Finland has them. Canada’s getting them. Why not us?
  5. wishful thinking
    Let’s All Pretend Champagne Is Good for UsIf only three glasses of bubbly a week really did improve memory.
  6. wishful thinking
    CeeLo Green: I Would Love to Do The Voice AgainHe also made another apology.
  7. wishful thinking
    It’s Okay to Be Excited for New X-FilesIts themes are still hugely relevant.
  8. wishful thinking
    72% of Americans Adorably Plan to Vote in 2016A new poll shows that the election hasn’t yet wrecked the humanity of the American people quite yet.
  9. wishful thinking
    Five Ways to Make a Candy Crush MovieSomeone’s working on this somewhere.
  10. wishful thinking
    Breaking Bad’s Return Will Be ‘Hank-Centric’Dean Norris asked to be killed off, but Vince Gilligan said no.
  11. gone viral
    The Strange Case of Christina Aguilera’s Fake ‘Fat Girl’ QuotesWhen wishful thinking goes viral.
  12. triumphant returns
    Katherine Heigl Wants to Come Back to Grey’s Anatomy“My idea is that [Izzie] actually … figures it out and finds some success.”
  13. 2012
    GOP Donors Are STILL Trying to Get a New Candidate Into the RaceYou guys! Accept the things you cannot change!
  14. 19 Comedy Podcasts That Should Already ExistNot that we’re exactly hurting for decent podcasts at this point, but if comedians are going to keep launching them all the time, well, we have […]
  15. Splitsider’s Perfect World Emmy NominationsWe saw the real Emmy nominations this morning, which included nods for many wonderful people but also notable absences from plenty of very […]
  16. wishful thinking
    Kirstie Alley Says She Has a Sitcom in the Works That’s ‘Sort of Virginia Woolf’The mind reels.
  17. wishful thinking
    Mitch Hurwitz Made Running Wilde for the BritsOh, that explains everything!
  18. Justin Timberlake Would Join the Cast of SNL, If Invited ToJustin Timberlake is a pretty kick-ass SNL host, being a part of some of the best (and most popular) sketches of the past few years. The man is […]
  19. wishful thinking
    Richard Kelly Is Writing More Southland Tales Movies“With the baby, the farting and the earthquakes.”
  20. wishful thinking
    The Recession Is Over!Who needs the National Bureau of Economic Research? We’re calling this thing.