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  1. podcast review
    10 Things That Scare Me Is a Smartly Designed, Bite-size Window Into the SoulThe WNYC podcast project, in which guests share a list of fears great and small, imparts the feeling of being a little less alone in the world.
  2. best of 2018
    Hear Vulture Writers Discuss the Best Pop Culture of 2018 for Two Glorious HoursMatt Zoller Seitz, Jerry Saltz, Emily Yoshida, Dee Lockett, Sara Holdren, and Maris Kreizman shared favorites from the year in culture.
  3. podcasts
    John Green Loves Podcasting Because It Reminds Him of Early YouTubeThe writer and longtime Vlogbrother explains why he and Hank Green are kicking off a new partnership with WNYC Studios.
  4. sexual harassment
    Hockenberry Accusers Speak Out After Harper’s Publishes Essay“There is a system in place … that doesn’t just tolerate this kind of abuse but in many ways encourages it,” Celeste Headlee told the Cut.
  5. crime
    An Oral History of New York’s Largest Gang BustTwo years after law enforcement arrested 120 gang members in the Bronx, the community is still debating whether it made them safer.
  6. sexual harassment
    What WNYC Employees Really Think of This Week’s Harassment ReportAn investigation found there was no “systemic” problem.
  7. sexual harassment
    Harassment at New York Public Radio Wasn’t ‘Systemic,’ Investigation FindsAn independent investigation was conducted after allegations of harassment emerged at WNYC.
  8. no filter
    No Filter Wraps Up, and How Culture Editor Jasmyn Lawson Makes Herself VisibleA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  9. no filter
    Artist Barbara Kruger on Performance and Owning Your ImageA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  10. no filter
    Journalist Christiane Amanpour on How She Presents Herself, Onscreen and OnlineA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  11. no filter
    The Painter of Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait on Being a Late BloomerA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  12. no filter
    Transparent Actress Trace Lysette on Being a Trans Woman OnlineA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  13. no filter
    YouTube Star Lele Pons on How She Presents Herself OnlineA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  14. no filter
    Introducing No Filter: A Series About How Women Present Ourselves OnlineA collaboration between the Cut and WNYC’s Note to Self.
  15. spring preview
    10 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Listen to This SpringFrom an icy Norwegian valley to the wizarding world to New America, this selection boasts a strong and iridescent sense of place.
  16. media
    At WNYC, an Uncertain Path Out of ScandalThe radio institution tolerated harassment and bullying for years. Now, its CEO must satisfy angry staffers without sliding into an overzealous panic.
  17. media
    Two Public Radio Hosts Were Fired for Inappropriate BehaviorThis comes after they were suspended from their jobs in early December.
  18. sexual harassment
    Public-Radio Icon’s Former Co-Host Opens Up About His Harassment of HerAdaora Udoji wrote about her experience for The Guardian.
  19. more sexual harassment allegations
    Two More Public Radio Hosts Were Accused of ‘Inappropriate Conduct’Both WNYC hosts were immediately placed on leave.
  20. Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin Is in Development As a Talk Show at ABCThe project would be based on the actor’s WNYC radio series.
  21. reading women
    Brooke Gladstone on the Book She Reread After the ElectionShe returned to The Left Hand of Darkness, “probably to distract myself from reality.”
  22. podcasts
    Preet Bharara Will Discuss Issues of ‘Justice and Fairness’ on New WNYC PodcastHe’s just the latest in a growing trend of liberal-leaning politicians and political operatives taking up podcasting.
  23. podcasts
    WNYC and MoMA Are Making an Artsy Podcast with Broad City’s Abbi JacobsonTwo major New York cultural institutions are coming together to make a podcast baby.
  24. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s ‘2 Dope Queens’ Podcast Premieres […]Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s Brooklyn comedy show is getting the podcast treatment. WNYC announced today that Williams and Robinson’s […]
  25. sex
    Here Are Quotes From 4 People Who Aren’t Having Sex“I would rather read a book than be intimate with him.”
  26. New York and WNYC Join Forces for Summer SeriesListen to the 90-second stories here.
  27. audio
    When Fashion Week Isn’t Just About the ClothesStella Bugbee offers some final takeways for WNYC’s last NYFW segment.
  28. 10 Totally Special Moments From the End of Fashion Week Chirlane at Ralph, a particularly persistent crasher, and Kanye overload.
  29. audio
    Here’s Why Music Matters on the RunwayBreaking down fashion soundtracks for WNYC.
  30. audio
    Here’s What It Sounds Like to Be at Fashion WeekListen to WNYC’s Fashion Week dispatch, featuring the Cut’s Stella Bugbee.
  31. radio vulture
    Lane Brown Talks About NYC Music History, DylanAs part of New York Magazine’s Annual Yesteryear Issue.
  32. Listening to New York Public Radio Is About to Get Easier Thanks to a big grant.
  33. clickables
    Listen to Alec Baldwin’s PodcastJack Donaghy’s on the radio, y’all!
  34. Foodievents
    Hot-Plate Secrets of the ChefsJacques Pépin makes Dijon vinaigrette with olive oil and leftover Grey Poupon.
  35. Brian Lehrer’s Dirty Dustin Hoffman StoryThe WNYC giant’s favorite celebrity sighting.
  36. WNYC Confirms Layoffs, CutbacksThe public radio station will lay off four people and eliminate eleven unfilled positions. Senior staff will take a pay cut, as well.
  37. WNYC E-mails Staff Announcing LayoffsEighteen positions have been eliminated, workers were notified.
  38. Rosie Perez Doesn’t Hate Gentrification, She Just Hates New-Brooklyn EntitlementIt’s different.
  39. Richard Branson to Kick Off Virgin Hotel Chain in New York?Bajillionaire Branson may be spending more time in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Cablevision lawyer Harvey L. Beneson mortgages his Hamptons house to pay off his lawsuit, UBS clients run scared as a federal investigation warms up, and another magazine catering to the rich appears on the horizon, in today’s roundup of news from the worlds of real estate, law, finance, and media.
  40. apropos of nothing
    Wagner Startled By Porn-Star Fan Base
  41. It’s Hard Out Here for a Public-Radio Fund-raiserIt’s not easy soliciting money for a good cause, and, indeed, a recent e-mail exchange among execs at WNYC, New York’s public-radio station, exposes the delicate art of not-for-profit fund-raising. Under discussion was a press release to announce a fund-raising campaign for the station’s new Varick Street headquarters. The first draft of the release lacked a statement from Dawn Greene, widow of philanthropist Jerome Greene, whose $6 million gift was the largest ever made to a public-radio station. “Why not include a quote from Dawn?” wonders Laura Walker, WNYC’s president and CEO, in a leaked e-mail. “[It would] allow someone else to say nice things about us.”
  42. cultural capital
    WNYC Unveils Its New Home, Tastefully Public-radio pooh-bahs including Ira Glass, Jonathan Schwartz, and Brian Lehrer were among the 150 or so who gathered this morning for breakfast in the Varick Street building that will soon house WNYC’s airy new studios. (The station was heretofore crammed into a tight warren of offices near the top of the Municipal Building.) The new digs will feature a these-days de rigueur street-level studio with seating for 120 and picture windows onto the sidewalk. Kristen Chenoweth hosted, her typically perky self despite getting off a plane, she said, from “the vapid wasteland” of Los Angeles only six hours before. She serenaded Dawn Greene — the name of her late husband, Jerome L. Greene, will grace the street-side space, for which his foundation donated $6 million — and the audience applauded not only the emcee but also themselves for not stooping to the ratings-grabbing level of people like, say, Don Imus. Leonard Lopate, for one, recalled one of the raciest moments on his long-running interview show, when Kurt Vonnegut asked in the middle of a conversation whether Lopate was having an affair with his wife. “I said, ‘I don’t think so,’” recalled the host, who insists he wasn’t. Vonnegut later apologized. —Tim Murphy
  43. Sarah Vowell Dreams of Bill Nighy and Grange Hall Name: Sarah Vowell Age: 37 Job: Writer, contributor to “This American Life.” She will appear at a live performance of the public-radio show tonight at Lincoln Center. Neighborhood: Flatiron Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? My favorite New Yorker’s body part is a tie between Peter Stuyvesant’s peg leg and Richard Hell’s Voidoids-era hair. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? Gastronomically, we’re looking at a tie between Babbo and Per Se (I’m allergic to wheat and they baked me my own personal loaf of corn bread), but the honest if annoyingly folksy answer is that my best meals are always at the Old Town Bar, eating red meat with people I really like. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? This time of year I do a lot of readings and speak at colleges, which means I spend about 2 hours at a podium and the other 22 stranded at O’Hare.
  44. Further Adventures in Fierce, Low-Stakes Battles: Do You Care If the Rushkoffs Leave Brooklyn? Has any mugging generated a higher word count — both written and aural, now that there’s a WNYC audio clip available — than the fateful moment that parted writer Douglas Rushkoff from his wallet? We’ve read the writer’s original Christmas Eve post, “Merry Christmas: Gimme Your Money” (on his own blog, now temporarily disabled), which led to blanket coverage and furious discussion on other city blogs. We’ve read his wife, Barbara, also a blogger, thrice denying the Borough of Kings: “Brooklyn, Schmooklyn. Yeah, it’s pretty here, but we are surrounded by crime … It costs $2,000 a year to insure my wedding ring.” One can hear the faint rustle of public sympathy falling away at this point. “Nah, I am not liking it here much now … We outta here.” (That original post is now gone, too). And we’ve read well-meaning bromides from the Rushkoffs’ colleague and neighbor, Steven Berlin Johnson, who’s trying to keep his friends from leaving: “Where else in the country can you go from the houses of world-famous authors and movie stars to Hasidic Jews and working-class African-Americans all in the space of about twenty blocks?” (Um, ever cross 110th Street?)