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It's Never Too Early to Get on Line for the Shake Shack

Carroll Gardens: If you want to work at the local beer garden, prepare to submit a self-promoting essay with your app. SATs optional. [Brooklyn Record] Flatiron: Madison Square Park's Shake Shack — home to those petite but perfect burgers — reopens March 21. Better start queuing up now. [NewYorkology] Harlem: St. Nicholas and 135th is getting a Subway sub shop, plus the Frederick Douglass Furniture store. What's next, Harriet Tubman Light Fixtures? [Uptown Flavor] Hell's Kitchen: Rustic chic or red flag? Some balconies on an ugly mid-century high-rise have been propped up with timber à la Swiss Family Robinson. [Manhattan Offender] Lower East Side: Residents seek revenge on Microsoft after the software maker blasted music from a promo SUV on Ludlow Street at 3 a.m. Sunday. [Curbed] Williamsburg: The street-art-defacing Splasher strikes again, this time in white, and seemingly with particular animus against artists Swoon and Faile. [Gowanus Lounge] Woodhaven: From parks to carousels to band shells, step back in time in this Queens burg. [Forgotten NY via Queens Crap]