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  1. love and war
    Justin Bieber Apologizes to Fans With Many, Many WordsThe singer says he is taking this time to be “sustainable.”
  2. linguistics
    Why So Many Words Are Really ‘Obsolete Expressions’It’ll really spur your thinking.
  3. select all
    ‘Cyber’ Is Here to StayThe prefix has become a shorthand for the scary unknown of technological progress.
  4. Languages Around the World Use the Same Sounds for the Same ThingsIf you’re talking about sand, you’re likely going to use an “s.”
  5. People With High ‘Emotional Granularity’ Are Better at Being SadAnd why “righteous indignation” is healthier than “anger.”
  6. select all
    An Apple-FBI Fight Tech GlossaryWhat’s firmware? What’s encryption? Making sense of the jargon in the year’s biggest tech story.
  7. year in review
    10 Expressions to Retire in 2016Sorry, you’re going to have to find a new way to talk about your m*n-b*n.
  8. definitions
    What Does ‘Revenant’ Even Mean, Anyway?It’s French for “harrowing on-set experience.” (Just kidding.)
  9. much conservatism
    Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum Are Auditioning for the Same Part in 2016Which one will win the race to be 2016’s unapologetic social conservative?
  10. nothing matters
    Futile Language Group Wants to Ban ‘Bae,’ ‘Swag,’ and ‘Foodie’The Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and Uselessness puts forward its 40th annual List of Words to be Banished. 
  11. the lexicon of modern love
    The Long Linguistic Life of It’s ComplicatedIt’s been complicated for more than a century.
  12. department of lingustics
    Should We Ban the Word Feminist in 2015? Would you prefer misandrist?
  13. words
    ‘Baby Bump’ Sounds Like Something Out of a Horror MovieThe case against this terrifying terminology.
  14. the c word
    Welcome to the Dictionary, C-nty! Oh cunty day!
  15. words
    Kelly Clarkson, You Probably Are a FeministClarkson announces feminist is “too strong” of a descriptor for her.
  16. etymology
    Ratchet: The Rap Insult That Became a ComplimentDissecting a word that’s risen from the working-class South to the Twitter feeds of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and plenty of gay men, too.
  17. it stinks
    Critics Poll: What Was the Worst Movie of 2012?The worst of the worst, as collected from the nation’s reviewers.
  18. taxonomy
    How Old Is Too Old for ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Girlfriend’?Plus, a bunch of alternatives.
  19. words
    Lee Daniels Wanted Nicole Kidman to Use the N-Word for The Paperboy“I have a son who’s African American and I just didn’t feel it was right.”
  20. words
    Comparing Word Clouds From ‘Why We’re at War’ SpeechesHow does the language in Obama’s speech compare to words used to explain why we were in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo?
  21. words
    Historical Persecution of the Jews Quickly Becoming MeaninglessNow criticism of Sarah Palin is like a “pogrom.”
  22. words
    Parents Television Council Thinks ‘Boobs’ Is ProfaneAlso ‘suck’ and ‘screw.’
  23. words
    David Axelrod Accused of ‘Hippie Punching’Our search for … what that is.
  24. words
    Breaking Down Eminem’s Recovery Lyrics“Now you get to watch her leave out the window / Guess that’s why they call it window pane.”
  25. words
    Arlen Specter Is the Only Person in the World Who Uses the Phrase ‘Smoking Dutch Cleanser’We have never heard this before.
  26. words
    ‘Socialism’ Isn’t a Dirty Word for DemocratsIn fact, it’s about as good as capitalism.
  27. books
    Read a List of Every Word David Foster Wallace Circled in His DictionaryWith hyperlinked definitions.
  28. health carnage
    ‘Reconciliation’ Is Now a Dirty WordIt’s a simple majority now. If you don’t like simple majorities, you should just go back to the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin.
  29. words
    ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’: The Allure, and Danger, of a Favorite Political MantraIt’s been chanted for decades, but can it do more harm than good this time around?
  30. words
    Facebook Doesn’t Care Whether You ‘Defriend’ or ‘Unfriend’In response to Oxford’s word of the year selection, the social networking website says either term is fine.