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  1. sports page
    Pussy Riot Says They Were Behind the World Cup Final DisruptionFour people ran onto the field during the second half.
  2. this week in late night
    Late Night Coverage of the World Cup, RankedRanking the five hottest takes on the U.S.’s coldest interest.
  3. crying
    Behold, Some Heartbroken Lads Weeping After England’s World Cup LossIt’s not coming home.
  4. food truths
    Belgium Plays France Today, So Eat Fries With Mayo — the Way It’s Meant to BeWhichever country you’re rooting for, both understand this truth.
  5. World Cup 2018: An Exhaustive List of Reasons to Root for Each TeamSoccer fans, international diplomats, and one MLS player explain why you, an American, should root for their favorite team.
  6. Missing the World Cup Is Like Detention for the United StatesSomehow it fits that America missed the tournament for the first time in a generation.
  7. music
    The New World Cup Song Is Here and So Is Will SmithThis is the closest we’ll get to being part of the action, America, so live it up!
  8. The U.S. May Not Land the 2026 World Cup and It’s All Trump’s FaultMore than 200 FIFA members have to vote on the host and Trump has reportedly imperiled America’s chances.
  9. sports
    Let Women Run U.S. SoccerThe U.S. women’s team is the reigning world champ, while the men didn’t qualify for the World Cup.
  10. eff you pay me
    Senate Backs World Cup Winners in Pay-Discrimination ComplaintAnother win for the USWNT.
  11. just girly things
    US Women’s Soccer Win Doesn’t Impress FIFA FlackBecause here, soccer is just “an ethnic sport for girls in schools.”
  12. Here Are Some Suggested Titles for World Cup Star Carli Lloyd’s MemoirThey’re all winners.
  13. Relive the Most Glorious Moments From Team USA’s World Cup Final WinCarli Lloyd was relentless.
  14. Vladimir Putin Is Not Impressed With the FIFA IndictmentOther people and organizations are not impressed with FIFA.
  15. Jobs
    World Cup Fever Led to 10,000 Hospitality Jobs Last MonthJobs were up about five times their average monthly growth rate.
  16. Rival Popes Will Not Be Watching the World Cup Together, or at AllThey don’t really care, and it’s on too late anyway.
  17. The Saddest Newspaper Front Pages in Brazil After Their World Cup EmbarrassmentO major fiasco da história.
  18. How Will Their Team’s World Cup Implosion Affect Brazilians Psychologically?Not a good week to be Brazilian.
  19. Tips
    Server Claims NFL Player Stiffed Her on Tip During World Cup GameAnother day, another viral receipt.
  20. Score
    Wafels & Dinges Will Give Away Free Ice Cream and Waffles During Today’sWhoever loses, you win, really.
  21. booty clap
    Here’s the U.S. Soccer Team Wiggling Their ButtsA beautiful tush-wiggle for you.
  22. Famous People Watching the U.S. World Cup GameOn Air Force One, at a random person’s Brooklyn apartment, and so on.
  23. male gaze
    Turns Out Prince Harry Is an Agile Soccer GoalieHis Brazil tour has involved many athletics.
  24. sobering statistics
    What the World Cup Means for Abused WomenDomestic violence rises by as much as 38 percent in England, says a new PSA.
  25. hook ups
    The World Cup Is Getting People Laid Another reason to become a fútbol fan.
  26. Why Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Is Always Biting EverybodyA sports psychology professor offers his thoughts.
  27. The Chain Gang
    Buffalo Wild Wings Stock Gets Record-High ‘World Cup Bounce’Nothing’s more American than “football” and wings.
  28. OH AY AHHHH: Why the World Cup Theme Is Stuck in Your HeadIt’s a practically perfect earworm, scientifically speaking.
  29. male gaze
    World Cup Players: Still Touching Each OtherThe agony, the ecstasy, and the man-handling.
  30. male gaze
    Germany’s Hottest Soccer Player Is Unfortunately InjuredMats Hummels is currently suffering from a “heavily bruised right thigh.”
  31. Leftovers
    Red Rooster’s World Cup Party; Polo Dobkin’s Meadowsweet OpensToday’s Leftovers.
  32. Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. World Cup Team With BidenismsThe vice president brings the good vibes.
  33. Delta Airlines Learns Giraffes Don’t Live in GhanaA celebratory World Cup tweet went very wrong.
  34. Leftovers
    More World Cup Destinations; Brooklyn Winery’s Rosé PartyToday’s Leftovers.
  35. hot shot
    Pitbull Unleashes Mankle on the World CupSomething for the ladies.
  36. Leftovers
    Juni’s Vegetarian Lunch Tasting; Cull & Pistol’s Foot-Long LobsterToday’s Leftovers.
  37. Grub Guides
    22 NYC Bars and Restaurants With Very Appealing World Cup SpecialsColonia Verde, Croxley Abbey, and more bars and restaurants.
  38. Leitch: Is 2014 the Year Soccer in America (Truly) Goes Mainstream?Just wait until the national team gets good.
  39. Leftovers
    World Cup at Colonia Verde; Bon Appétit’s Grub CrawlToday’s Leftovers.
  40. U.S. World Cup Draw Basically HopelessThe United States will face Ghana, Portugal, and Germany.
  41. Brazil World Cup Stadium Collapse Kills ThreeA crane malfunction occurred today at Itaquerao Stadium in São Paulo.
  42. quidditch
    Muggles Take Manhattan for the Quidditch World CupThe most fun you can legally have while straddling a broomstick.
  43. Paul the Octopus Is Predicting Things in Heaven NowBecause he’s dead.
  44. Viva Espana
    Where Were You When Spain Won?The scene at La Nacional and other Spanish strongholds yesterday.
  45. World Cup Viewers in Uganda Killed by BlastsGroup with Al Qaeda ties is suspected.
  46. Spain Wins World Cup!By one point.
  47. abc
    Will the World Cup Final Be the Most-Watched Event Ever?In any case, it’ll be an enormous ratings spike for ABC.
  48. BP to Experience Most Annoying Payback EverWith vuvuzelas.
  49. Ghana Eliminates U.S. in World CupIt’s over for the Americans, but Ghana moves on to play Uruguay.
  50. music
    Watch the Video for R. Kelly’s Uplifting World Cup Anthem, ‘Sign of a Victory’As always, let’s achieve anything, including the impossible!
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