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Method Man Popped for Tax Evasion

Method Man turned himself in to authorities this morning to face felony charges for his alleged failure to pay $33,000 in personal back taxes.

By Lane Brown

Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! Documentary!

A documentary about the legendary group will finally see the light of day come November. The preview clip alone ensures that this is a good thing.

By Amos Barshad

Ghostface Killah on ‘Rehab’ and His Many Inspirations

Ghostface Killah was responsible for two of 2006's best hip-hop releases with Fishscale and More Fish, and this year he's done it again with his excellent new solo album The Big Doe Rehab and 8 Diagrams, the long-anticipated new record from Wu-Tang Clan. He spoke with Vulture about Rehab, his record label, and why he's not competing with other rappers.

Leaked: Wu-Tang Clan's ‘8 Diagrams’ Doesn't Disappoint

Touching on typical Wu-Tang subjects like samurais, prostitutes, coke, chess, and comic-book heroes, it’s everything Wu diehards want, and features the group’s eight living emcees (especially Method Man) at their best.