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    While Pete Wentz’s Bandmate Acts Like Big Martyr, Diana Ross Tarries in Eponymously Named PlaygroundAlso, ‘Social Heights’ accurately mirrors what happens to these people in real life, it’s important to keep in mind. And more, in the week’s first gossip roundup.
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    Sean Combs and Cameron Diaz, We Did Not See That One ComingAll the morning’s gossip columns, distilled for your pleasure.
  3. chat room
    Wynton Marsalis on Jazz at Lincoln Center and States’ RightsThe artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center talks about what it’s like being the only jazzman anyone’s ever heard of.
  4. party lines
    Wynton Marsalis Continues to Rail Against Rap at Lincoln Center BenefitIn Southampton Friday night, Wynton Marsalis spoke bluntly of his struggle to introduce jazz to youngsters soaked in hip-hop and its attendant culture. “A lot of it is just absurd,” Marsalis said of his competition, noting that he has worked to install jazz programs in 1,000 schools across the nation. “A lot of [hip-hop] is semi-pornographic. How do you compete with these girls in the videos and all of that? You can’t. Jazz is something totally different, I don’t even like to compare them. We just want to get it out there as much as we can.” Performing with his band at the home of Jazz at Lincoln Center board members Victoria and Jay Furman (the concert was a benefit for the organization), Marsalis expressed political fatigue. Describing the dazed and slightly confused feeling certain jazz can invoke in a listener, he said “it’s kind of like how you feel after an election.” Yeah. Except, you know, happier. — Selim Algar