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  1. the future
    And XXL’s 2013 Would-Be Rap Stars Are …It’s time again.
  2. the future
    XXL’s 2012 Would-Be Rap Stars: Danny Brown, French Montana, Iggy Azalea …And Azealia Banks is pissed.
  3. clickables
    50 Cent and Soujla Boy Chose an Interesting Pose for the Cover of XXLIt’s like that ‘Yogi Bear’ poster, if Yogi and Boo-Boo were grabbing their junk and wearing burkas.
  4. xxl
    XXL Magazine Predicts Hip-Hop’s Next SuperstarCheck out the 2010 freshman class.
  5. headhunters
    Help Wanted at XXL: Sales Gangsta Who Can Bring In the Cash MoneyThey need you to “bring it” and “shut it down.”
  6. media deathwatch
    AP Chairman: ‘We Can No Longer Stand by and Watch Others Walk Off With Our Work’Wait: Was it okay for us to use that quote?
  7. in other news
    DMX Can’t Believe Anybody Would Have a Name As Ridiculous As ‘Barack’Rapper DMX has seen his share of gangs, hard drugs, and prison bars, but please, reporters, don’t try telling him crap like there’s some black guy out there named Barack Obama running for president. The Dark Man X seemed unfazed by a female candidate, but a Barack? “What the fuck is a Barack?!” he demanded during a recent Q&A with hip-hop mag XXL. “Where he from, Africa?” DMX admitted he’s not following the race and suggested that “no one person is directly affected by [whoever is] president” anyway. But seriously: “Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack!” The Yonkers-born DMX knows something about baby names, after all; his kids are named Xavier, Tocoma, Shawn, Javon Micai Wayne, and Praise Mary Ella. The XXL interviewer futilely tried to pursue the topic, even trying to convince the politically apathetic rapper that the possibility of a black president is a big deal, but eventually gave up with a halfhearted, “Well, Barack has a good chance of winning so that might be something.” Thoughts, DMX? “Good for him, good for him.” —Jennifer Chen
  8. beef
    When Rap Magazine Editors Go WildBeefing rappers Kanye West and 50 Cent will share an upcoming cover of Rolling Stone — everybody wins! Well, almost everybody.