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  1. because it's friday
    Elephants Yawn. Who Knew?Scientists didn’t until one was caught on video recently. 
  2. yawn
    This Wu-Tang Album Is Beginning to Bug PeopleEven Method Man, patron saint of patience, is kinda over it.
  3. The Challenge: Read These Facts About Yawning and Try Not to YawnIt’s hard! 
  4. ncaa tournament
    Only George Mason Keeps the NCAA Tournament Exciting In Day 2Not much happening today.
  5. early and awkward
    People Cannot Stay Awake Listening to ‘Greatest Orator of Our Time’A student fell asleep directly behind President Obama yesterday.
  6. yawn
    Irrelevant Institution Announces Next Potential HonoreesThe 2009 nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced.